Aslan is on The Move….And I’m Half Terrified/Excited/Can’t Wait!

“When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.” Isaiah 60:2

I quoted this verse in a post I wrote recently about being a hot mess. I talked about trying to figure out if I was doing life right. Questions like “Am I pursuing what I should be or do I need to let go of that dream?” You know, simple questions.

(Side note, I do believe there are dreams we have that are never meant to be realized and instead its the journey we needed. Like, I was supposed to marry Keanu Reeves. But y’all, I finally let that one go because I accepted this would never come to pass. But don’t worry I can quote Speed like a boss. #TheJourney).

That weekend I also decided to apply to more publishing jobs (true story, about every quarter for the past couple years I would do this. We’re talking ALL THE JOBS in ALL THE CITIES, except really cold states because no) with the thought process of “well, let’s just keep trying.”

You can imagine my excitement when I had a phone interview that very next week and then an in person interview the following week and then a job offer. Y’all WHAT? Was this my life?

And y’all, it was and now is. I am moving from the great state of Texas to the insanely gorgeous state of Colorado to take a position with Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing.



My job will now involve books. All the time!

Yes I am soooooooo excited, but totally terrified too.

Moving from Texas is different than when I moved from California in so many ways. Leaving California was hard, but I knew I’d always visit. In the 8 years I’ve been in Texas, I’ve created my Texas family. When I think about leaving them, I start crying. #RealTalk. I don’t know when I’ll be able to visit, when they’ll be able to visit (although COLORADO MOUNTAINS FOR THE WIN!), so it’s different leaving. (Plus the food internet. THE FOOD).

Going on an adventure is exciting, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Does that stop me or shut down my excitement? Not at all, because I have seen God’s hand in so many ways through this whole process, He really is just showing off at this point. I LOVE IT.

Being brave and courageous isn’t the absence of fear, but as many have said, it’s the willingness to fight that fear head on. It wouldn’t be courageous if there wasn’t something a bit scary about it.

And so begins the new adventure and new chapter in my life!! #PrayForMeDuringWinter

I can’t wait to share more, the pictures and the all around awesomeness as I explore my new city. Aslan is definitely on the move y’all!

P.S. I’m having a huge inventory/clearing out sale for The Shoppe if you’ve been eyeing an item or two! You can find out the details here!

5 Things 34 Year Old Jamie Would Tell College Jamie

First off, I need to say I totally stole this idea from Wesley. You can read her’s here, but it was so fun to read!

This past month has been all about graduations (naturally) and it’s so fun to see these kids graduate high school and college. While it’s been a few (or more – high five for Class of 2003!) since I’ve walked across a stage, I remember those years so clearly and the fun I had at college.

Oh the things I worried about and the things I thought I knew! I wonder what I’ll tell myself 10, 20 and 30 years from now? I can’t wait!

Walking up with no clue what was coming next. Whoop!

Walking up with no clue what was coming next. Whoop!

Alright, here’s five things 34 year old Jamie (well, in a month) would tell college Jamie:

1. Can we talk about what you were wearing? I kid! But trust me, you’ll have some laughs at all your fashion decisions. But every time you laugh at those pics, you’ll usually be with your friends you met during those bad fashion years and it’s always awesome. Those people you met during that first year…you’ll still be hanging out 16 years later. Plus, you’re still b/f/fs with your friend from 5th grade and you write each other all the time in college, like letters that go in the mail and require a stamp. Also, this email thing really takes off and that first email address? Totally not cool ( Jamie…..). But FOR REAL. The Lord really blesses you on the friendship train.

2. Even though you didn’t study abroad (you’ll have a teeny bit of regret on that), you’ll still get to travel quite a bit and it will be so much fun. You’ll travel with your friends, your family and even by yourself. But just know there’s lots of adventures to come, so don’t worry that those trips in college were it.

It’s official when you walk across that stage!

It’s official when you walk across that stage!

3. You won’t be married by the time you graduate. OH THE HORROR. And by that I mean, you have several years ahead of you where you’ll make mistakes, learn more about yourself and God’s goodness and trust in the journey and path the Lord has you on. It’s really fun and awesome.

4. You’ll still be a nerd. You just become more hardcore when you hit your 30s and won’t care what people think. Also, why didn’t you discover Tolkien earlier? #Rude

5. There’s this thing called social media that will blow up and you’ll daily THANK SWEET BABY JESUS it did not exist when you were in your education years. Like truly, “praise Jesus with both hands high up in the air” kind of thankfulness. I know you can’t imagine things called “blogs” and “social media,” but it will change the world. Also, it gives you a chance to write and you know you love that (remember the sports column you wrote as editor? Lap’s Low Down? See…you were a trendsetter). It might take you a few years/decade to really *get* what you want to do, but trust me 20-year-old Jamie, it will be awesome and through it all, you’ll learn so much!

I call this REALLY HAPPY JAMIE and my pretty Mama!

I call this REALLY HAPPY JAMIE and my pretty Mama!

How about y’all? What would you tell your college age self?

The Days of Being a Hot Mess


So true story, I’ve never had just one job. After college, I got a “big girl” job at my church (the 8-5 type) and then built up my photography business on the side. Early on, I also worked for a large photography company on the weekends.

I decided to close out on wedding photography a few years after my move to Texas and then I started book blogging while working full time. And that’s where I am today; two blogs, a Shoppe and podcast (Find all this fun stuff here!). Working a job to pay the bills (although I have to say I love my coworkers – That makes such a difference!), but also writing, blogging, entrepreneuring (having no idea what I’m doing most of the time) after hours and most weekends.

All that to say I don’t get “being bored.” I think the last time I was truly “bored” was maybe at the age of 12 during a long road trip. This was pre all-the-technology and I could never read (and still can’t) in a car because if I did for more than 3 minutes, the driver better be prepared to pull over and let me almost die.

And I’m not claiming this is a good or bad quality, but it’s mine. I don’t know how to not be working on some project or new idea. Blessing or curse, just depends on the day. I guess there’s so many things I want to try and places I want to go, so my brain doesn’t slow down. Also I am my father’s daughter. (He’s amazing. He’s retired and does so much with ministries, being Gramps and changing the world. I’m seriously so inspired everyday by him and my Mom)

And in case I haven’t mentioned I feel like I have no idea if I’m moving in the right direction and feel like I’m a hot mess most of the time. Do I love writing and blogging? 100%! I’m not going anywhere, but I’d being lying if I didn’t admit I question if I’m doing what I need to be.

I think this was brought on by this current very busy season I’m in (both work and personal), but I ask “Am I doing the right things? Is this what God truly wants me to be doing, or am I fighting for something I shouldn’t be?”


Have I mentioned being an adult does not come with the confidence I remember my parents and other “old” folks had when I was 10. Because IT DOESN’T.

I know all the Jesus answers and I believe in them with all my heart, but y’all it’s still hard. Am I chasing a dying dream? Yet, the other side of it would be to only work my “real job” and the thought of that is terrifying. I love writing, photography and everything I do around the internets. But will this be forever ever? Will I be working two jobs for all of my days? Will I one day be able to focus on what brings my heart so much joy?

“When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.” Isaiah 60:22

Recently my church did a sermon on the Sabbath and I was reminded that everything is only a season. The good, the crazy, the bad, the awesome, the mix, the in-between. Let me tell ya, I grabbed on to that drop of wisdom like nothing else. Do I 100% know if I’m doing exactly what I should be? Let’s just say “not really,” but God is faithful and provides my heart with peace when I need it most and reminds me sometimes trusting in Him doesn’t mean we get to see where He’s leading, but we can trust the Guide.

And more than that, I’m thankful that each and every season of life the Lord uses to draw me closer to Him and maybe even use my life to draw people closer to Him as well.

How do you get through the busy and uncertain seasons?

My Heart is With You Orlando

I just wanted to take a quick moment to say how broken my heart is over the senseless and horrific tragedy that took place in Orlando yesterday morning. More than discussing politics, religion, the presidential election, my beliefs, your beliefs, etc., etc., etc., can we please stop to simply mourn and grieve the lives lost? Have we forgotten how to do that as a nation?


Are there things to discuss and talk about? Sure, but not right this moment – less than 24 hours after so many family and friends lost some they loved. If we cannot stop and mourn the lives of innocent people, then we have lost something we desperately need to get back.

Because I know for sure this has broken the heart of the God I love and serve.



Fun Finds For Every Day #5


HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!!! I guess we’re technically 10 days away from it being officially summer, but I love this season (and I promise it’s not because my birthday is next month🙂. I love sunshine and love thinking of all the fun memories from summers past. The adulting thing is a little harsh, in not giving us three months off after we grow up expecting such things, but whatevs life, whatevs.

Do any of y’all have fun vacations coming up this summer? I have some fun things planned for August and I plan on turning another year older in July, so whoop!

How’s that for an introduction for some fun finds?🙂

1. Miir Vacuum Insulated Bottle. A) This keeps your beverages cold or hot. B) Buying this supports the amazing work of Exile International and C) Miir is also an awesome company, where they support various organizations with each purchase (like clean water). Each bottle also comes with a code, so you can track the exact project your purchase helps!

2. Bind My Wandering Heart to Thee Print. How beautiful is this print?!! This is one of my favorite hymns and I need this. This whole Etsy shop is full of beautiful prints and cards – so many gift ideas!

3. Calligraphy Set. I like to pretend that if I took up calligraphy it would turn out as pretty as so many talented folks, but I think it would take quite a bit of training🙂. I’d be willing to try though and this fun set might just be what I need to try!

4. Diana F+ Instant Camera in Nightfall. I love my Digital Camera, don’t get me wrong, but I love playing with film (whether that be film or instant film) and new types of gadget-ish camera make me smile! This one looks like it would be fun to explore with.

Those are some recent fun things I’ve come across! What’s happening in your world?

Little Letters | Edition #21


Dear Jamie Ivey Podcast Happy Hour,
I love story, so thank you for being all about that by bringing on awesome women to share about life. I’ve laughed and I’ve cried (which is great when I’m trying to do makeup in the morning!) and I’ve been constantly encouraged.

If y’all are interested, you can find it here!

Dear Bethel,
Thank you for creating songs that continue to draw me closer to the heart of Jesus! Like No Longer Slaves? It’s on repeat.

Dear Humidity,
So you decided to make an appearance in Spring huh? That’s cute. You realize you’re barely around in summer right? So as flattering as it is, I’m going to ask that you leave. Can we talk about what you’re doing to my hair?? I can only get so creative with the Bobby pins buddy. Oh and thank you for melting off my make up by 9:00 a.m.

Dear Red Heels,
Sometimes a girl just needs to toss you on, so thanks for being there.

Dear NBA playoffs,
Haven’t you been fun? Since my boys are out (shocker there), it’s been a ton of fun watching Steph Curry and crew (of course I still rep West Coast!). I’d love to see another 7 game series, but MY NERVES during sports, so maybe a 5 game series instead, where the Warriors win? Cool, thanks!

What’s going on in your neck of the words? Hope the start of June is going great!