Wait…don’t you already blog?

If you like books, you might have come across my name from the world wide web with a little venture called Books and Beverages. It’s one I write over at daily.

So why another blog?

Do I just have endless amounts of spare time? That’s funny. I don’t, but I do know when you’re praying and seeking what that next step might be, God has a way of pleasantly surprising you. So for the past few months, I’ve been thinking and praying what that would be.

I have my book blog (which I love and isn’t going anywhere), but I’ve felt God wanted to stretch me even more. That always makes me nervous (not really really, but one of the last times this happened I found myself moving over a thousand miles from my family), but I’ve also learned it’s better to dive right in.

For a while I thought maybe a collaborative dating blog (because there’s some major comedy in that). That still might come to fruition, but I haven’t felt like it was the right time. A few other ideas, confirmations and opportunities came about and here we are today!

She Laughs With Dignity was at first going to be solely a beauty blog (i.e. only discussions and reviews on beauty related products), but then I told myself I needed to keep it real. While my fashion and beauty choices have indeed improved over the years, I am by no means an expert (like the people who make their own masks and makeup? Dang. Last time I played with chemistry stuff I accidentally started a fire. So for your sake and mine, you won’t find any of that here). You see, I wanted a place to open up discussion about things we as women face, whether it’s chats about image, friendship or faith, I’ve realized that’s what my heart has been thinking!

Proverbs 31:25

So here we are. I look forward to it and hope you’ll join in!

Soon up my first ever review of Birch Box. I think I may have found the world’s most perfect face lotion.


2 thoughts on “Wait…don’t you already blog?

  1. Lydia says:

    Ahh! Jamie I am so excited that you started this new blog. Your officially added to my blog reader. Girl, this is going to be so much fun 🙂 ps LOVE the name. That scripture is my modus operandi

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