I had a whole other post planned, but sometimes you have to reschedule because something important comes up. I hope by now y’all have heard about the happenings in Nigeria where over 300 young girls were kidnapped in the middle of the night by a terrorist group. Imagine if over 300 young girls disappeared from school in the U.S.? Things would explode. There would be outrage and instant action. But that hasn’t been the case. It’s May 8th and things have only recently been brought to the international spotlight. I’m here to use my little corner of the web to demand that these girls be brought home and the world doesn’t stop doing something until they are.

Because there should be no other response.

So please join me in prayer for these young girls, for their families and even for the men behind this horrendous act, for they desperately need Jesus.

If you’re on social media, use your voice as well. Spread the word so the media will be forced to listen. You can also sign the White House petition here.

Also, Rage Against the Minivan has a wonderful post worth reading. You can find it here.

Some of the girls were able to escape. Here’s some of them. Photo by Haruna Umar/AP




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