April Birchbox | Product Review

I don’t know if I should love or hate Birchbox. There are some awesome winners they send me (the love part), but then I want to buy everything (the hate part). This month had some definite wins! If you haven’t had a chance to check out Birchbox, check it out here!

Color Club® | Gala’s Gems Collection – Heirloom Pearls
Most fashion bloggers report on trends, but Gala Gonzalez is shaping them—starting from the hands up. This spring, the Spanish-born blogger, stylist, and DJ teamed up with Color Club to launch this four-piece nail polish collection. Perfect for spring, these pastel hues are inspired by the retro lacquers of the 70s and 80s, complete with a luxe pearl finish. Paired with on-trend, opaque color, the results are both modern and sleek. $13.00 Set of 4
Five Points to Ponder:

  • Four nail polishes for that price? How could you say no?
  • It’s spring and these are the perfect colors for it!
  • It doesn’t take more than my normal amount of coats. If I need to add more than the norm, I might stress out. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • The coats go on so smooth, a friend thought I had got my nails done. The credit goes completely to the polish and not my ability to paint my nails (because it can be embarrassing).
  • The one thing that sealed the deal? It didn’t come off after I went swimming! Usually I have to repaint my nails because it starts to chip after a couple of laps. This is a major win for me!

Verdict: Oui! | Je Ne Sais Pas | Non

Harvey Prince | Yogini
Take a deep breath and relax with this sophisticated scent, which helps us tap into our inner New Age gurus. Harvey Prince designed the mood-elevating blend of exotic essences and oils to counteract stress and keep us zen throughout the day. It’s the fragrance equivalent of yoga class. $55.00 Full Size
Five Points to Ponder:

  • Maybe since I don’t do yoga, I wasn’t able to connect with this guy.
  • I’m more of a Chanel kind of gal and I feel this scent is a complete 180 from what I like in a perfume
  • It’s not too strong though
  • Just not my cup of tea
  • I’ll stick with my Chanel Chance

Verdict: Oui! | Je Ne Sais Pas | Non

Number 4 Hair Care | Clarifying Shampoo
At the end of a long day we could all use a fresh start—the same goes for our hair. When product buildup and styling stress leave your locks feeling dull, use Number 4™ Clarifying Shampoo, subtly scented with white freesia, golden amber, and warm musk, to gently cleanse without stripping moisture or color. $32.00 Full Size

Five Points to Ponder:

  • The price is a little too high for me. My hair is way too short to be spending this kind of cash on shampoo. I chop it off before it has a chance of needing restoration.
  • But man oh man, did this make my hair feel nice and soft.
  • They included a conditioner sampler and the tag team of both of them is fabulous.
  • I started swimming this year (my knees hate me from years of running) and with all the chlorine – this did make a noticeable difference.
  • It smells nice too.

Verdict: Oui! | Je Ne Sais Pas | Non

Sumita | Color Contrast Eyeliner
The makeup experts at Sumita have created a versatile eyeliner that exceeds all our tough standards: sensational blending abilities, bold colors, and non-irritating formulas. The soft wax formula goes on smooth to create clean lines or can be smudged to smoky perfection. Plus, the long-lasting liner will hold up all day and night. $11.00 Full Size

Five Points to Ponder:

  • I love love loved this!
  • It goes on smooth (which can’t be said for all pencil eyeliners)
  • This is perfect to carry in your purse, in case you need a quick touch up.
  • They come in all kinds of colors. I like the plum (I’m not big on bright colored eyeliner), but if you like to switch things up then you’re in luck, because: All the colors!!
  • The price is right on these, so to this I say yes!

Verdict: Oui! | Je Ne Sais Pas | Non

Have you heard of any of these? If you want to join in the Birchbox fun, be sure to sign up! You can sign up through my fun link here 🙂


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