May Birchbox | Product Review

Even though Texas is blazing-like a furnace-hot, I gotta admit, I love summer! This past Saturday I had a chance to hang out at the pool with a good friend and it was perfect! Apparently I had the skills of a three-year old when it came to putting on sunscreen though, because only parts of my shoulder and thigh burned. I’m embarrassed for myself. But lesson learned. Lesson learned internet! Anyway, as always, Birchbox is always a box full of fun, so here’s my thoughts from May’s.

Beauty Protector | Protect & Shampoo
It’s powered by pearl powder, which is rich in conchiolin, an ingredient that acts like the hair protein keratin. This fortifying ingredient teams up with other nutrients that guard against and heal the effects of heat styling (think frizz and destroyed ends). The result is glossy, bouncy strands that, yes, also smell amazing. $21.95 Full-size
photo 2
Points to Ponder

  • Sadly, I wasn’t too impressed with this stuff.
  • It did the job, but maybe it’s all the recent chlorine, there was something missing.

Verdict: Oui! | Je Ne Sais Pas | Non

Beauty Protector | Protect & Condition
In addition to honey pearl powder, Protect & Condition is formulated with natural ingredients like shea butter and apple, lemon, and orange extracts. Together, they hydrate and nourish hair with vitamins and minerals. $21.95 Full-size

Points to Ponder

  • I’m going with the same points as the shampoo

Verdict: Oui! | Je Ne Sais Pas | Non

CoTZ | Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40
Free of harsh chemicals, oils, and fragrances, CoTZ FACE Natural Skin Tone deflects damaging UVA-UVB rays without irritating sensitive skin. Best for medium skin tones, the complexion-matching formula blends in seamlessly and masks minor flaws. $20.00 Full-size
photo 3Points to Ponder

  • I know it works without a doubt. Why? As mentioned in the intro, my sunscreen application skills were lacking at my current pool time, so there was a definite difference. Let’s take a moment to thank the Lord for bangs to cover up missed sunscreen spots.
  • I’ve never tried a tinted SPF and I gotta say, I love it! I don’t put on makeup before going to the pool, so it’s nice to have a bit of cover up.
  • Don’t forget to reapply. Especially when you’re out lounging in and around the pool for say…four hours?

Verdict: Oui! | Je Ne Sais Pas | Non

PIXI Beauty | Shea Butter Lip Balm
This moisturizing formula contains shea butter and Vitamin E to soothe parched lips and prevent future dryness and also offers a wash of pigment. $8.00 Full-size
photo 5Points to Ponder

  • I only have one point: I gave this to my roommate because it’s too risky for me to try (all the reason why here). It looked fun though!

Verdict: Oui! | Je Ne Sais Pas | Non

SmartyPants | All-in-One Gummy Vitamins for Adults
These gumdrop-shaped vitamins combine the major nutrients of a multivitamin, a vitamin D supplement, and an omega-3 supplement—streamlining a daily series of pills into a single (way more delicious) type of supplement. They’re formulated with organic ingredients, and designed to make the nutrients they contain bioavailable—meaning they’re easy for your body to access and use. $29.95 30-day supply
photo 4Five Points to Ponder

  • They didn’t taste bad at all.
  • They make you nostalgic :). Anyone else remember the Flintstone vitamins?!
  • They’re organic and I hear that’s good for your body. I wouldn’t mind trying a month supply to see get a better idea of results and benefits.
  • They’re a bit more than say, Centrum, but depending what you’re looking for in a supplement, that might not be an issue. Plus see the final point below.
  • For every bottle people buy, they give to a child in need. It’s pretty awesome! You can find out more where they donate on their website.

Verdict: Oui! | Je Ne Sais Pas | Non

Any fellow Birchbox users? What’d you think?!


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