Little Letters | Edition #3


Dear Klout,
Well, thanks for the fun surprise hook up with Canon last week! It’s always fun going to photography exhibits and meeting famous people.

Dear Baby Girls,
Auntie loves you both so much and she can’t wait to see you next month!

Dear Peach Ice Tea,
It can be Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall – I’ll love you forever.

Dear Gone Girl,
I’m talking to you movie version. I already thought the book version of you was creepy and twisted, yet you managed to bump it up 9 levels of crazy with your version. I think I should of went with Denzel’s newest release instead.

Dear Target,
Sneaky, sneaky! Those 2 for $5.00 on bags of candy? Fine, you got me. I can’t even blame it on prepping for trick or treating because my roommate and I are already eating it.

Dear Lady Antebellum,
Y’all have been my jam recently! I’m really liking “Bartender” from “747.” Come to Austin please. Thanks!

Dear The Sketch Effect,
You are one the best artists to work with! I’m in love with my new series badge!

Dear Skype,
Where would I be without you and your ability to connect me with my closest friends?

Dear Fall,
You’re slowly making a statement and I adore you! Can’t wait until it’s officially sweater weather!!

What about you friends? What are the little things making a statement in your week and month?


8 thoughts on “Little Letters | Edition #3

  1. Ganise says:

    Baby Girls- I love children. So sweet.

    Peach Ice Tea- that does sound good!!

    Fall – such gorgeous colours,eh? Summer’s still my favourite because of the warm weather, for one. But I have been enjoying taking pictures and admiring autumn’s colours.

    ALWAYS enjoy reading your little letters – and blog posts in general – Jamie.

    • jamielynne82 says:

      Texas gets some pretty color changes, but nothing like the rest of the world – that’s one of my favorite parts of fall…sigh…. 🙂

      Always enjoy chatting with you too Ganise!

  2. Wesley at Library Educated says:

    I’ve read, like, 5 really excellent books in a row. Like finger licking good books and it’s so great. I know the streak won’t last forever so I’m storing up this feeling in my heart for when I’m in a crappy book slump.

    My sister and her 3 daughters who live in Alaska are coming down to the lower 48 for a visit later this month which is exciting considering I see her/them once every 2 years about.

    I’m going to try to make crock pot applesauce this weekend for the first time. I’m minimally confident that it won’t blow up in my face (not a good cook) but how do you get better at things if you don’t try?

  3. Rissi says:

    Lady A love, yes please! I just recently heard ‘Bartender’ and it was fun. Autumn is the best ever – and yay for meeting famous people, that has to be memorable. 🙂

    Also, love Target.

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