Little Letters | Edition #4


Dear upcoming weeks of no travel (I don’t count Thanksgiving because it’s a relaxing trip πŸ™‚,
Can we be best friends? While work and a fun trip three weeks in a row can be cool, I’ve learned and accepted it’s tiring too. Just another “I’m a grown up” reality check. You’ve also messed with my blogging schedule, but I forgive you!

Dear Neighbor’s Table,
I’ve been once before to this table and was amazed, but last week I was blown away even more. It’s amazing what happens when people pursue community and share life. Sharing dinner with these people was a true inspiration.

Dear β€˜1989’ (the album, not the year – although you were fantastic as well),
I didn’t want to like you. I wasn’t a fan of your first release, so I figured I wouldn’t like the rest. Well, you can thank my trip to Chicago for changing my mind. I admit it, I’m a fan of T Swift and downloaded the entire album. Except “Shake it off.” Don’t hate me internet!

Dear Chicago,
Well, well. What to say about you. Thank you for hosting an amazing and life changing conference and you also have one of the best art museums I’ve ever been too, but you also reminded me why I heart Austin. We can still be friends though ;).

Dear Almost Winter,
Don’t worry, I’m not going to complain about how cold you are just yet. It’s all fun and games until you start drying out my skin like there’s no tomorrow though. After a humid summer (aka moisturized skin), I forget how winter loves to do the opposite. Do you do this to everyone?

Dear Extra Halloween Candy,
You know the one terrible and awesome thing about working with people who have kids? They bring in bags of you after October 31st. I only have some much will power against you, especially when you consist of chocolate, Sweet Tarts and Smarties (I know they taste kinda like chalk, but I have weaknesses).

Dear Downton Abbey,
While I admit I broke up with you (I never recovered from the deaths of Matthew and Sybil and the drama of last season), I have to confess I may have gone online and read everything that happened in this current season (since the Brits get it first). Apparently I can’t 100% quit you. (P.S. I know of at least two others who share the following besides myself: But I want Mary and Tom to get together. There. I said it)

So readers, what’s happening in your world? I’d love to hear about it!


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