CAUSEBOX by Sevenly a.k.a. The Greatest Thing Ever

So…..I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS POST! (So much so that I had to post this on both of my blogs and I used the word “so” four times). This is quite possibly the greatest subscription program I have ever come across. Seriously. This was made for me!! I’ve been a part of quite a few subscription type programs and this definitely takes the cake!! I pretty much did a dance when my first box came in the mail.


Here’s reason #1 ~ The Mission of CAUSEBOX and Sevenly:

We so are glad you asked. This Box Matters because it gives back in big ways. The CAUSEBOX give-back is two-fold. For every box sold, we (Sevenly) give $7 to one of 7 partner charities. On top of that, the box features products from companies that are committed to doing good all over the world. Some give one-for-one, some give meals, some medical aid, others give money to help various causes. Be sure to read the “Reveal Card” included in each CAUSEBOX. Our product profiles help explain how and why we chose each product, and also, what each inclusion means for the betterment of the global community. Amazing right?

I chose to support Mocha Club because I’ve partnered with them for years and I love the work they do for orphans in Africa. But y’all – look at these non-profits you can choose from to support each quarter – so many excellent organizations that are making a difference around the world.


I mean seriously. There’s so much awesome in this. Have I convinced you yet? If yes, sign-up here!

“This box changes lives. Everything inside has a story, improves a life, makes the world a better place. THIS BOX MATTERS.”

Here’s reason #2 ~ The Box. Look at what’s inside!!! I love everything. Seriously.


Here’s the items and what they support!

The Sevenly Change for Change Jar. It’s easy. Fill the jar up with change. Donate. Repeat. 🙂 Plus, how cute is it? A lovely piece of decor as a bonus!

Matterial Fix Elephant Pendant Necklace. Matterial Fix Designs helps supports and restore victims of sex-trafficking in India and supports girls in Peru. I love this little elephant. I’ve been looking for a small gold necklace, so I was pleasantly surprised to get this! They sell all kinds of beautiful pieces and are worth checking out.

Sseko Half Moon Moon Clutch. Sseko’s mission is to educate and empower underprivileged women in Ethiopia. This is a perfect little clutch to include a few items to carry around in a purse or car.

fashionABLE Scarf. Made it Ethiopia, this scarf supports sustainable business development for women in Africa. I’ve known about these since Mocha Club started talking about them and am so glad to get to have one of my own!

Gramr Gratitude Co. Thank-You Card Set, Sealing Wax, and Wax Press. This company is a lifestyle company with a commitment to spreading gratitude. Because I like to act like I’m British, I have always loved sealing wax and I have used mine I bought in London for years. So this? LOVE. It also inspired me to start writing more letters, because letters in the mail are the best.

This Bar Saves Lives. For every bar sold This Bar Saves Lives provides a meal for a child in need. I’m probably the hardest person to impress when it comes to any kind of snack bar, but I can honestly say this was delicious! I plan on getting some of these for my house.

sweetriot Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs. This company has a deep commitment to fair trade and building relationships with its farmers. I love the mission behind this company. I don’t like dark chocolate, so I can’t vouch for how tasty these are, but I’m sure they are lovely. They have other snacks though, so I’ll probably give those a try soon.

I absolutely love this box and am already looking forward to my next box! Oh and the box includes cards about each company (along with discount codes) if you want to purchase more items from the website. Wins!!

So if you haven’t, be sure to check it out!!


You Give: You select the charity that matters most to you, and we give $7 every quarter.
You Get: Every three months you receive a box full of $150+ worth of world-changing products for women.
You Love: Discover the latest and greatest in socially conscious living, CHANGE LIVES, and experience love at first box.

For more info about the box, how to sign up, etc, check it out here! What fun things have you recently discovered?

P.S. The links to sign up are an affiliate link.


2 thoughts on “CAUSEBOX by Sevenly a.k.a. The Greatest Thing Ever

  1. Katherine Scott Jones says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. My daughter helped me open my Causebox when it arrived on Monday, and we had so much fun examining each new item. And what a great way to expose the younger generation to the world’s great needs. Am so delighted by this fabulous find.

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