Little Letters | Edition #6


Dear Book Quotes,
You bring such beauty into this world, like this whole list. Double sigh on this other list of romantic quotes.

Dear 2015,
You mark 15 years since I’ve donned my cap and gown and said farewell to high school. WHAT IN THE WHAT.

Dear Winter,
Well, you have most definitely arrived! I forgot how much I love (read: loathe) removing ice from my car in the morning. Soooo much fun. So much.

Dear Adventures,
Where shall you take me this year? NYC and Charleston have both been whispered. I’m sure that’s not all you have up your sleeve, so I look forward to hanging out this year.

Dear Serial Podcast,
I mean…. I don’t normally listen to podcasts, but thanks to my friend’s recommendation I have been hooked on you! I don’t know what to think about the murder you looked at, but now I want to be a detective, Sherlock style.

Dear Lecrae,
Thank you for taking a stand and making a difference in a music genre I’ve always loved. The Lord is using you and I hope you get to perform songs like this on Jimmy Fallon 100 more times.

Dear NFL playoffs,
Even though my boys aren’t a part of you this year, man has it been fun watching you! Plus you kicked out the Cowboys, so I’m really happy these days.

Dear my favorite show ever,
It’s almost time. Yes!!

Dear Moulin Rouge,
You’re such a great movie. I love the acting and singing and I don’t think you’ll ever get old.

Dear Pinterest,
Sometimes I forget how much I love you. I can plan an office, dream of what would fill my closet and get a good laugh when I need. Thanks for being rad!

What are the little things going on in your life or that you’re thankful for?


5 thoughts on “Little Letters | Edition #6

    • jamielynne82 says:

      My girlfriends and I went there early last year! I loved it and would definitely see it again! I’m a big Russell fan, so I wouldn’t mind him making it to the Superbowl again. 🙂

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