The 10 Best and Worst Commercials of the Super Bowl

What to say about Super Bowl XLIX? A great game and surprisingly excellent commercials. Since I was so impressed, I thought it only right to make a best and worst of list. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

Oh and who else is excited about Pitch Perfect 2?!

The Worst

Nationwide Insurance. Well, thank you for the most depressing commercial I have ever witnessed in my life. Nothing like watching children dying. Also, for all the parents who have lost a child, I’m sorry you had to see that.

Stick with Mindy please.

T-Mobile and Kim Kardashian. Need I really explain why?

Nissan. There were several folks in the Twitterverse who loved this one. What I took from it? Choosing career over family. The Dove commercial on the other hand? Yes please.

The Best

Budweiser. I’ll never buy this beer, but PUPPIES!!! My heart and soul pretty much MELTED. I love these commercials.

For more of the puppies, check out this behind the scenes. Awwww….

Dove and #RealStrength. Remember that time I was bawling my eyes out? Such an amazing commercial and reminds me of how much I love my Dad! Another awesome Dad commercial? The Camry one with the Dad sending her daughter off to the military. Also cried my eyes out.

Chevy (Right before the game started). Massive creativity points. I really did panic because I thought my TV was messing up. So high five Chevy!

Liam Neeson with Clash of Clans. Because it was awesome and my friends and I were laughing the whole time!

Microsoft. Talk about heart melter! With the touching story of Braylon O’Neill and his with prosthetics legs to Estella’s Brilliant Bus, well done Microsoft. Well done.

“Courage in the face of reality”

Domestic Violence PSA. Whoa. That 911 call. Intense and it gave me the chills, but an important message.

Always #LikeAGirl Ad. The young girls in the ad inspired me! I say YES! Great campaign and great ad. What a message our young girls need today.

What were your some of your favorites or least favorites?


4 thoughts on “The 10 Best and Worst Commercials of the Super Bowl

    • jamielynne82 says:

      Stunned is the perfect word to describe my reaction. My friends and I were just staring at the screen for a good minute before we could even talk about it! Worst idea ever.

      Glad there were some good ones though!

  1. Deborah Hickey says:

    As usual, the Budweiser Horses and Puppy was one of my favorites. I also loved the Like A Girl, Dove Real Strength. The Domestic Violence ad was very impactful, as was the Microsoft ad. I enjoyed the Mindy ad, but hated the K.Kardashian one. Not because of jealousy, because I like and admire Angelina Jolie, who to me is more naturally beautiful and a much, much better role model for young women. You got these ratings spot on. The Nationwide and Kim Kardashian ads were the worst and in very poor taste!

    • jamielynne82 says:

      I’m still chuckling thinking about the Mindy and Matt Damon scene in that one commercial 🙂

      I thought the Kardashian one was over the top. No one wants to see the person who claimed they would break the internet. No thanks! The world doesn’t need that message, they need “Like a Girl” type role models!

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