Things to Come!

Hi friends!! I’m really excited about a couple things coming here to She Laughs. Since I have now officially posted about them, I’m committed right? I had planned to kick one off today, but time this week had other ideas. Anyway, here’s what’s coming and while I’m 197% scared to dive into these topics (for all the world to see!), I’m also pretty excited!

1. IF:Gathering-Inspired Discussions Series. This was an incredible conference. It was amazing. Throughout the two days, in between sessions, they provided discussion questions to go over with people seated by you. After going over a handful of the questions, I knew this was something I wanted to dig deeper into, so that’s what this series will be about; me picking one of the questions, sharing some thoughts and then inviting you to join! Because who wants to wrestle with faith questions all alone?

IF Gathering-she-laughs-with-dignity

2. In Search Of Mr. Darcy Series. Oh y’all…I will either love this or hate this and end it after two weeks, but only one way to find out and that’s to start it right? Being a single gal in her 30s can be funny and I’ve learned more than a lesson or two, so that’s what I’m going for. Not sure if this image will stick, but as I work through thoughts and topics, this is what I got so far. 🙂


Looking forward to writing these and thanks for being a part of the journey!


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