11 Things to Do Before Turning 33

This year I officially enter the mid-30s. How do these things creep up on me? I love it though. I really do. My 30s have by far been my favorite and outside of creaking knees, a grey hair or two and other such mischief, getting older really is a gift and one that I want to continually embrace. In many ways, it gets harder (maybe it’s because you’ve seen more and are more aware of pain, sadness, suffering..), but it’s makes the joys deeper too.

Anyway, I meant to get this out earlier, but better late than never! Here’s a list of a few things I want to get done before 33 becomes official in July!

1. See Charleston, SC. Apparently my southern roots are taking over, because this has been on my list for a while. (This is going to happen!! Yay! Just not before the big 33, but close enough!)

2. Don’t fear my battle scars. There’s a couple series I’m starting here and it will scare me every time I hit publish, but I don’t want that to stop me because I believe this is what the Lord is asking me to do. As Jen Hatmaker preached at IF:Gathering “Faith doesn’t erase doubt, insecurity, or fear…it overcomes it.”

3. Attempt the Lapeyrolerie Cinnamon Roll Recipe. I could eat 97 of my Grandma’s cinnamon rolls and not blink an eye. They were gold. My aunt taught me (she makes them just as awesome), but I haven’t yet. This was my goal before turning 30 and I have yet to attempt. Y’all – it’s daunting. Me creating something completely from scratch can equate to a hot mess sometimes.

4. Run the Austin 10/20 well. I paid money, so no turning back now. (I’m on six miles for training, so feel free to pray my knees hold up ; )

5. Take a day trip to Fredericksburg, TX. It’s been years since I’ve gone and it’s such a cute place to visit, so I need to pick a Saturday and go, especially since they’re known for their peaches. Mmmmmm…


Central Texas Winter – look at all this ice!! ; )

6. Try at least two new recipes a month. I do enjoy baking and cooking, it just slips by far too often in the busyness of life. Not that I need a plate of cookies staring at me….BUT STILL.

7. See NEEDTOBREATHE in concert. I’m such a cheater because I already have my flight and concert tickets purchased. It worked out perfect to see them in LA when I go visit my family this summer (and it’s a few days before my birthday!)

8. Explore more places around Austin and shoot pictures just to shoot pictures. I haven’t done a photographic exploration in quite some time and need to remedy that.

9. Cut back on my soda intake. I know, totally random to add to the list, but I was doing really well for a while, but for some unknown reason have been having more soda than I need to be. I don’t think I’ll ever fully kick soda out of my life (Shirley Temples internet), but cutting back to 1-2 a week? Achievable.

10. Redesign this blog. I think I’ll stick around with this blog :), so I want a makeover design to fit the blog style. Update: I did! What do you think?

11. Maybe actually do something with the racing bike I have on my balcony. I’ve had it for almost a year now, but have yet to actually ride it (it was a hand me down, so I don’t feel too bad about wasting my own cash). I’ll blame summer heat and then winter cold.

What are some things you want to get done before your next birthday?


5 thoughts on “11 Things to Do Before Turning 33

  1. Kayla Davidson says:

    I will be 33 on my next birthday too, in almost a month. Yikes! I guess I better busy. Your list inspired me. I would like to start my next book before I turn 33. You should for sure plan a trip to Fredericksburg. It has grown quite a bit if you have not been in a few years.

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