My Current List of Podcasts

First, can I just ask how April managed to sneak past me? Anyone else feel like time just slipped by? The weekend would start and suddenly…boom! Sunday night. I’m hoping things might calm down a bit in May, so I can get back to some kind of normal schedule of life, reading and writing. : ). Anyway!

I’ve never been a podcast person. Recently though, there were a few months where I was driving a ton for work. Plus my good friend told me about a couple awesome ones (Serial and Hardcore History) and things managed to take off from there. Since I needed more option for the long drives, I did what many of us do when we need ideas. I asked Facebook to give me their favorite podcasts. I thought I’d get 5 responses.

I got quite a bit more. Overwhelmingly more. So I took the ones that were recommended more than once or twice and gave them the two episode rule. One episode might have been a bomb, maybe they had a bad day right? Some I just didn’t vibe with and some were right up my alley. So in case you’re in need of listening material, here’s my current list of Podcasts.


Hardcore History – This was one I was listening to this before I asked FB. One of my best friends recommended this (he also told me about Serial), so I trusted it. Y’all I NEED the next episode of his WWI series. I didn’t know it wasn’t a complete series and it’s killing me. Oh and these are lonnnngggg podcasts. They range from 3-4 hours. But it’s full of awesome! Unless you hate history, then I don’t suggest this fella.

Bible Study and the Christian Life – Whether it’s a look at the history of scripture (how it was passed down) to a look at a book in the bible (like Jonah), this is a fantastic podcast that goes deeper in different ways than a bible study say by Beth Moore or Matt Chandler. One isn’t better than the other, but what you learn is different. It’s also a bit more academic, but don’t let that deter you. It’s not at all stuffy and they explain things (and are funny) and you’re not left confused. Plus the website has extras to go along with the podcast and a blog too. I also need to confess my bias. Dr. Anderson (Old Testament) and Dr. Hauge (New Testament) were two of my favorite professors at Azusa Pacific University…like I remember where I sat in each of their classes and even what I learned. Can’t say that for every class I took. Promise.

Serial – This hooks you from the beginning and I can’t wait for Season 2! The short of it is, a journalist, Sarah Koenig, investigates a real life case (Season 1 follows Adnan Syed, who is currently behind bars, but maintains his innocence in the murder of his ex-girlfriend.) and not only does she do an excellent job, it’s completely fascinating. Trust me, just give it one episode.

Criminal – These are short (no longer than 25 minutes) and look at different cases, instances, whatever! It’s free game on the criminal/law topics and they’re really fascinating. Plus, I can finish an episode while getting ready for work.

Passion City Church – I’ve been a fan of the Passion movement since the beginning, so it’s great being able to get Louie Giglio each week.

The Village Church – This is a church up in Dallas and Matt Chandler (I’ve mentioned his bible study before) is the lead pastor. He’s fabulous, so another great sermon resource.

Austin Stone Community Church – I’m totally biased since this is my home church. So if you’re looking for incredible sermons? Here you go!

Honorable Mentions: I find these hit or miss, but still worth looking into.

This American Life – I thought the “Cops See Things Differently” series was done really well and is very interesting.

RadioLab – The “Fu-Gu” was a fascinating look at a part of WWII not many people knew about (myself included). Also, “American Football.” It’s about the history of football, so yes.

Are you a big podcast person? If so, what are some of your favorites?


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