6 Apps That Have Made My Life Easier

My sister recently got an iPhone for her birthday. I’m pretty sure I was more excited. Not really, she loves it, but I promise I was excited and had to refrain from sending her 900 ideas and things she can do. She also went from a flippy flip phone, so a bit different! At least they were able to wow the Verizon folks with such ancient technology. 😉 Anyway, between sending my sister app ideas and after writing this post about blogging apps for Books and Beverages, it got me thinking about apps that make my everyday life better. So here’s my list!


I have to say my home screen is the cutest!

1. Car Minder – No matter how many places I write down the details of my car maintenance, I forget where I put them and then I’m left wondering when my tires were last rotated. It’ll cost you $2.99, but it’s helped me stay on top of it with my truck.

2. Wunderlist – I think this is the first ever digital to-do list app I really like. You can create lists (think groceries) or to-dos, complete with pop-up and email reminders if need be. I have been using this for my personal to-do lists as well as when I go shopping. I love it.

3. My Recipe Book – One of my goals this year is to cook new recipes and well, to cook more. I’ve been wanting to digitize my recipes (as cool as post-it notes and random print outs are for one who loves organizing everything) and this allows me to add those in and now when I’m cooking the recipe is on my iPad and I can still play my music.

4. MyPlate Calorie Tracker – I’m a visual person. You can tell me something isn’t healthy, but then I see it on the calorie counter and boom! Makes sense. Like Chipotle chips? They’re currently dead to me because I was shocked they have more calories than the two tacos I eat there and McDonald’s fries. I checked. I need a few weeks to recover from such deception ;). Besides wake up calls on what I eat, one of my goals is to eat healthier as a lifestyle change, not just to fit in my jeans (although that’s a fun bonus!). This helps me see that and also other changes I can make. I know I won’t be able to stick with some of the food diets/trends out there (massive internet high fives to people who are able to cut out bread and tortillas. That’s a no in my life), so this has helped! Oh and it’s great putting in your work out because it’s like extra points to eat my favorite foods!

5. IF:Gathering – I recently found out they had an app and it made me super happy. I need to explore it more, but it has the daily devotion complete with the readings, videos and responses.

6. Bloglovin – I had this one on my book blog list too, but since this is also a blog, thought I’d include it here. If you follow several blogs, this is a great app to read them no matter where you are.

If you have an app you love, please please share in the comments! I love making my life easier.


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