How Has Comparison Kept You From Obedience?

(The IF:Gathering-Inspired Discussion Series came about after I had the chance to attend the conference this past February. It was an incredible and amazing conference. Throughout the two days, they provided discussion questions to go over with people seated by you. After going over a handful of the questions, I knew this was something I wanted to dig deeper into, so that’s what this series will be about; me picking one of the questions, sharing some thoughts and inviting you to join! Because who wants to wrestle with faith questions all alone? You can read past entries here.)


How has comparison kept you from obedience?

Oh good, another easy one to dive into! It’s like the women over at IF:Gathering want me becoming a better woman of faith and stuff. Geez. What were they thinking right?!

I’ll just keep making awkward statements so I don’t actually have to look in the mirror and BE REAL. Yet, that is what this series has done and continues to do. While it hasn’t been easy peasy, it’s been really good, so I hope these have helped you work through faith stuff too!

When I’m honest with myself, the comparison monster likes to creep in relation to my career. While I enjoy my day job, I know my passions and desires are in writing, publishing, art, photography…in being creative and bringing story to the world. So I hustle and I work on dreams outside of work, but how (sadly) easy it is for me to get discouraged when I come across a book blogger with five times (or more) as many followers as me. They’re speaking at blogger conferences, doing this full time. In those times I’m not careful, my first reaction can be along the lines of: “Why am I even doing this? MY BLOG IS A WASTE OF SPACE!!”

Do I actually believe that? Not at all. From the people I’ve met and fun opportunities I’ve had, this blogging gig has been awesome. If I didn’t love it, I promise I would have stopped long ago. But isn’t it so easy to want to quit or lose focus because of misguided comparison?

”Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone,without comparing themselves to someone else.” Galatians 6:4

Here’s what I do know – God has put on my heart ideas, passions and talents. I want to be faithful with those and lean on His guidance in what I should do next and let Him lead where blogging and career will go.

Because no matter what I think, His plan is way better than mine.

What about you? How has the comparison reared it’s ugly head?


7 thoughts on “How Has Comparison Kept You From Obedience?

  1. mongupp says:

    I love your blogs, Jamie! Can’t remember how i came across you but your blogs are definitely one of my faves!

  2. Wesley at Library Educated says:

    Your blogs are so not a waste of space! And I think you’re super brave, especially with this blog, talking about love and faith and all of the BIG questions that life throws at us.

    The comparison gets me with blog stuff too. Like, what am I doing so different from the person who has a billion followers? I’ve not found any answers. I think the best we can do is just keep putting out good stuff and plug away! 🙂

    • jamielynne82 says:

      Thanks friend! I really appreciate the sweet words and encouragement – it helps me to keep at it!

      And I’m all about plugging away (and of course talking about Jack and Tollers) 🙂

    • Ganise says:

      And I agree with everyone here. You’re doing a great job. It’s truly always a pleasure to read your blogs. Jamie, you are a very dedicated, brave, creative and unique person. Please don’t listen to the lies.

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