7 Years Living in Texas Y’all!

I don’t even know how it’s possible I’ve lived in Texas for SEVEN years. What in the what internet.

What in the what.

People often ask how I ended up in Texas and the quick version is this: One of my closest friends, Mariko, and I both started thinking about doing something different at the same time. You should know up until that point I was “Cali till I die” and the very thought of moving was unfathomable. We started praying about it, visited and prayed some more.

The time between the initial thought of moving till we actually decided to move was about two years. Then the Lord made it clear that was where He wanted us, so we packed up with only an apartment and church home waiting for us with the thought “hey, if things are terrible, we’ll move back!”

Things weren’t terrible and I’m still here! So in honor of 7 years next week, here’s 7 of my favorite things about Austin.

austin058 (1)

1. FOOD.
Here’s what y’all need to know. Once you try the foods of Austin, you’re ruined for life and nothing else shall compare. I don’t even know where to start with the best place to eat. Mmmm…I think I need some BBQ after I finish this article.

2. Breakfast tacos.
I know I just mentioned food, but since these make any morning a good one, they get their own shout out.


3. I still love California and I’ll always be a Cali girl.
Born and raised internets. #Cali4Life (Granted this isn’t about Austin, but I just needed the internet to know).

4. Life lessons.
I can say without a doubt there are some things I would have only learned by living in Texas. I never expected to change as much as I did. But I’m so thankful I moved here and all that I’ve learned (good and bad).

5. Y’all.
I say it. I do. Recently someone asked me if I grew up in the South because I had an accent. I nearly passed out and begged California for forgiveness ; ). It’s true though, some things creep in without you even realizing it.


6. Austin Stone Community Church.
Where do I even start? This church has shaped me in more ways than any other church before (I loved my previous home churches too!). The teaching is powerful, the worship brings you closer to Jesus and the heart they have for the city of Austin and nations makes my heart full. This would be one of the hardest things to leave if I did move. If, for some reason, that does happen, I’m thankful for podcasts.

7. The amazing people.
Save the best for last right? There really is something to be said about southern hospitality. The friends I have here are friends for life. I call them my Texas family because that’s what they are – family.

austin0006 Town Lake

What are some things you love about where you live?


2 thoughts on “7 Years Living in Texas Y’all!

  1. Kara says:

    I’d figured out that you grew up in CA, so had been wondering how you ended up in TX. Perhaps I get curious more so because I moved away from my home state for 11 years (12 1/2 total actually) and love to know what draws other people to the places they go.

    First! I love that you have the southern accent now. I’ve heard tell that it’s the easiest accent to pick up. Friends come to visit here in VA just for a weekend and have gone home with a few different sounding words! And while I lived in CA, every single time I came home to visit I’d pick it back up again, as all my Cali friends loved to remind me. 🙂

    Also I must say that Austin in definitely on my list of places to visit some day! Partially because of all the good things you’ve always had to say, and partially because Texas just looks like an awesome state to visit in general.

    Right now, I would definitely say that the thing I love the most about living in VA is the people. My family of course, but all of my friends as well! And the strangers. Because everyone is friendly here. I love CA, but you don’t get a lot of smiles back when you smile at random strangers. Which always kind of saddened me. Not sure why they don’t? But I LOVE smiling and waving at strangers who respond! And striking up convos with random strangers has created some of the best convos I’ve had.

    • jamielynne82 says:

      Thanks for sharing too friend! Like you, I’m always curious what draws people to other parts of the US. It’s amazing what 7 years can do to you – haha!

      Austin is waiting for you to come hang out! The food alone is worth it 🙂 🙂

      Even though I love my California, I have to admit there is definitely something to be said about the hospitality in the South. People do like to wave and return a smile. It’s something I love about it. Virginia is on my list too! I haven’t had a chance to really explore it, but hopefully soon!

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