Little Letters | Edition #11


Dear McFarland, USA,
I’ve heard a lot about you and had a chance to watch you last week. You were great! I’m thankful to see a sports movie featuring something so different. Can’t wait to watch you again!

Dear Fam,
I’m so thankful you hung out with me for a week and experienced Texas in it’s crazy weather glory. Don’t know what I would do without y’all. Max awaits your next visit!

Dear Wedding Season,
You’re upon us and I’m so thankful to get to experience one for amazing friends of mine this weekend!

Dear Maximus,
You’re a hoot here (and of course so ferocious!). You might want to step away from the catnip though…

Dear Jurassic World,
I have no shame in my excitement to see you. I’ve rewatched all the movies (I was reminded again how the second was terrible. Please no T-Rex running around San Diego. Thanks), read the original book, so I’m ready!!

Dear TURN,
Well season two is done, but I’m looking forward to a third season, so don’t disappoint me! I like what you did with this season. Lots of character development and I really enjoyed it! I need Caleb to grow his beard back though.

Dear K Earth 101,
Even though there’s not a station like you in Texas, I’m thankful for Spotify making it possible to create a station like you. Sometimes you just need a few old songs from the likes of Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, The Supremes, The Mamas and Papas and all other folks! (On Spotify? Here’s the link to the station!)

Dear Walk the Moon,
Thanks for this song – it’s my summer favorite.

Apparently I’ve really been into music recently! What’s happening with you?


10 thoughts on “Little Letters | Edition #11

  1. Ganise says:

    Nothing wrong with being into music!! I am a big music fan myself 🙂 Listened to the song on this post. Quite catchy!

    Spotify – I am on it, too! So fun!

    Jurassic World – This film title has been parading before me long enough now. Must look into it 😉

  2. Rissi says:

    Yay for music! I love discovering new songs. Sure I have my obsessive favorites (*cough* Taylor Swift’s 1989 *cough*), but it’s always a blast to find new songs to put on that iPod. 🙂

  3. courtney207 says:

    How fun! Yes to McFarland, USA and Jurassic World. Both were great! Caleb totally needs that beard back next season 🙂 And Shut Up and Dance is so awesome! It’s been frequently played lately.

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