Little Letters | Edition #12


Dear Passion Church,
I loved the recent eight part series Relat(able). I listened to the podcasts while getting ready for work, driving to work and any other time I had a few spare moments! I’ve been recommending it to everyone!

Dear “We Dance,”
My good friend shared this me and I’ve been so encouraged ever since. Thank you for reminding me of the goodness of Jesus and that love had won for me.

Dear Daredevil on Netflix,
After my good friend’s recommendation, I decided to give you a shot. I must say I’m enjoying myself. You make for a good Marvel fix! (Although some of the fight scenes are eeewww!)

Dear Adult Coloring Books,
I seriously love you and am so thankful for people creating you. It’s relaxing and I love the chance to be creative in different avenues than I’m used to.

Dear America,
I’ll never not stop praying for you.

Dear Trip Lee,
I’m so thankful you shared at my church on Sunday!

Dear California,
I’m coming!!! Can’t wait to see your pretty beaches and eat El Pollo Loco!

Dear All Lady July,
What fun you are! If you like blogs, be sure to stop by my friend Wesley’s blog for all kinds of women and bookish awesomeness!

Please join in and share what’s going on in your neck of the woods!


2 thoughts on “Little Letters | Edition #12

  1. Wesley at Library Educated says:

    Aw, thanks for the All Lady July shout out! You’re the second person who I saw talking about adult coloring books today. I think my scented markers are already packed but I think I need to dig them out and get some coloring done!

    • jamielynne82 says:

      You’re so welcome! Loved your post today – I’ve read a couple of the articles and I’ll have to go back and check out more!

      I went a little overboard with Amazon colored pencils and markers – couldn’t help myself. I need options! Um, and scented markers were the best!!

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