Little Letters | Edition #13


Dear Blog,
I’m sorry for neglecting you recently. July turned out to be non stop times 50, but as Fall slowly creeps toward us, I promise things will be better!

Dear recent travels and visitors,
You made the past few weeks my favorite and you truly restored my soul and refreshed my spirit!

BFFs in Austin : )

These two! Gabs’ face cracks me up! She is definitely wondering if B is going to get it together for a picture : )

Dear Heat,
I hate to even bring you up, but truly, did someone anger you? Did they dare you to blast out lava? Are you a fan of Dante’s Inferno? We believe you! We do! Can we possibly get back to highs in the 90s? I’ll settle for that.

Dear Humans of New York,
You are quite possibly one of the most profound accounts on any social media. Your posts cause me to think, sometimes cry and also laugh. Even when I don’t agree with all the words said, I learn something. Thank you for existing. (You can find it on Facebook and Instagram)

Dear C.S. Lewis,
Don’t worry Jack, I didn’t mix up my blogs. I couldn’t resist mentioning you here because as I read through Mere Christianity for my community group and The Weight of Glory for Books and Beverages, my mind can barely handle your genius and how you bring about truth. You pretty much drop the mic after every paragraph. So thank you that you were faithful to your calling. Your life continues to change the world.

Dear Running Friends,
It’s been awhile, so nice to see you again 🙂

How’s everything going for y’all? I’d love to hear from you as well!


4 thoughts on “Little Letters | Edition #13

  1. Ganise says:

    Pictures – Lovely!!

    HONY – It really is so deep. Enjoying it very much.

    C.S Lewis – YAAS! You know it!

    Running Friends – Oh my! I’ve yet to see one up close.

    Lots of fun for you, I see! Thanks for sharing!

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