In Search of Mr. Darcy… | Part 5

(The In Search Of Mr. Darcy Series is a look at the often humorous stories, the lessons and the experiences of a single gal in her 30s who also happens to love Jesus. This can be funny and I’ve learned more than a lesson or two. These are topics and discussions I know I (and my friends) have dealt with (or am still dealing with) as a single lady living life. From funny things I’ve heard, mistakes I’ve made, to the joys of watching my jeans shrink, here’s my story (so far) in this wonderful decade known as the 30s. You can find past entries here!)


If I get another cat, will I be a cat lady?

I love dogs and I love cats. I promise it’s possible to love both. For all you feline haters though, I’d like to point out that they own the internet. So hate away because they’re just laughing at us as we post more videos and memes.

But do you blame me? Just look at my cat, he’s delightful:


I have to be truthful with y’all and confess, there’s been many times I’ve come close to getting a second kitten. I can’t get a dog right now because I need more living space (I’m a big dog kind of gal), but another cat? Totally doable. Little kitties slay me with their sweet meows and tiny “ferocious” pounces.

Well, besides the fear of being labeled the “cat lady,” I haven’t yet because my current furry son is the most high maintenance feline to grace planet earth. You left me to go visit your family in California? HOW DARE YOU! Is that fish you’re cooking? MINE.

Enough about Max though (although I’m sure you woke up this morning hoping you’d get to read a blog post about someone’s cat). I say if you want a couple of cats, go for it.

This is another thing I’ve learned to I embrace as one in the mid-30s. That’s, how shall I say this… to stop caring so much about that thing that starts with an “S” and ends with an “ociety’s expectations.”

The truth is, if I listened to them and only focused on fulfilling what is expected of someone my age, I’d be miserable, ashamed, feel my life wasn’t of value, etc., etc., etcetera. To which I say, no thanks! God’s much too big for that.

Embracing who God made you to be and not society’s expectations is such a beautiful freedom.

I would love to say I’ve always trusted in the Lord to be the person He made me to be, but in truth it seems only recently like I fully did. Embrace whoever you are and the Lord will use and redeem that. 

My friend Rachel once said “God uses people who color outside the lines.” I absolutely love that. And how many women from history did just that?

Jane Austen. You know what she was supposed to do? Get married. Forget her God-given talent of writing. No no. Married Jane. Married. What did she do? She wrote some books you might have heard of. And those people who said she should have just gotten married? Can’t say I’ve heard of them.

Harriet Tubman. Where do I even start with her? From rescuing slaves, to spying for Union troops, to being active in the women’s suffrage movement post Civil War, she defied every expectation and saved the lives of so many because she trusted in God’s bigger plan.

I could write a whole series on amazing women, including Corrie ten Boom, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks…the list is long and where would the world be without them?

All that to say, when you’re seeking the Lord and trusting in Him daily, it’s possible you might get married right after college and do amazing things with your husband for the Gospel. It’s also possible you’ll take a completely different path never planned or expected. Whatever direction your life goes, promise to be true to the person the Lord made you ‘kay? 

P.S. Speaking of my love for dogs (I will one day have a husky!), this is quite possibly the best Instagram ever – it’s all about husky puppies and huskies and there’s videos. I die. You can follow here.

Also you’re welcome.


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