Little Letters | Edition #14


Dear the Holy Lands,
This might be random to include you, but whether through a bible study I reviewed recently or people visiting you, my heart longs to see you in person. I pray I’ll have the opportunity to one day in my life.

Dear Brain,
So hey buddy, let’s chat a little yeah? Remember last week when you 100% forgot to write the post for this here blog and didn’t even realize it until it was too late? I have a list of several other “wha?” type moments, so maybe let’s take a break and then GET IT TOGETHER.

Dear Etsy,
Thanks for decorating my home. This sign is one of my favorites.

Dear Saints,
THIS SUNDAY. I’m ready!

Dear Austenland,
I finally recently saw you with some friends and was thoroughly entertained. I expected you to be a bit cheesy, but that almost made you more entertaining. It was quite an enjoyable experience and I might have to watch you again one day.

Dear friends who share the same age bracket,
You know what makes me laugh? The fact that when we all had dinner Friday night, we discussed things like lowering our cholesterol, blood pressure and other such concerns and then started cracking up about 10 minutes in because we realized we were talking about cholesterol and blood pressure. You make the 30s fun and memorable.

Dear Krispy Kreme,
Speaking of eating more healthy….I’m a huge fan of your donut holes. That’s all.

Dear Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Candle,
I’m sure a fan of you! You always make my work area smell good and make for a perfectly calming environment. I’m looking forward to the next sale, so I can stock up on your goodness again.

Dear sweet precious Aylan,
My heart still deeply aches from seeing the photo of your precious body on the beach. There are no words to express how heart-breaking it was. Sweet boy, you simply wanted to live life without fear. Everything about your life and situation of your people has weighed heavy on my soul. I wish it didn’t take this for people to finally see, but I know you are in the arms of Jesus now and I can only pray the world continues to be moved. We WILL do better. (If you haven’t read Ann Voskmap’s post about how we can tangibly help, please read it here)


8 thoughts on “Little Letters | Edition #14

  1. Ganise says:

    Holy Lands – I NEED TO SEE THE HOLY LANDS, TOO! YES to that.

    Brain – Trust me you are absolutely not alone in the ”wha” brain moments. Right there with you.

    Little Aylan – Wrecked me. Inspired and encouraged by the people (like you) determined to fight against the desperation and hopelessness. We can’t remain silent.

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