When Buying a Candle Changes the World (Plus Giveaway!)

I’m a huge fan of Jon Acuff. His books are awesome, he’s hilarious and his family is fabulous. I’ve been following him for years and it’s been incredible being a part of the world changing stuff he’s done and yesterday he launched a new adventure.

The new adventure? Selling 5,000 candles. (You can read his post here). Watch this video to see how this will help change the lives of women:

“I love waking up everyday. I have something to live for.” Ty

How beautiful is that quote? I also love when Ty said, “I’m making the candle for another woman, another Ty.” The stories are all beautiful and we can help this continue by buying a $22.00 candle.

I already bought mine and can’t wait to give them as Christmas gifts.

Let’s light the way home for so many women.

I’m praying for 10,000 candles and I hope you’ll join me!


Be sure to check out more about Thistle Farms (they sell all kinds of awesome products, even Whole Foods sells them)! Thistle Farms is a non-profit in Nashville that helps women break free from trafficking, prostitution and addiction.

And guess what? I love this so much and want to get the word out, I bought one to giveaway and spread the radness. Be sure to enter below!

Rafflecopter Giveaway Here


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