These Are a Few of my Favorite…, Instagram Accounts!

I’ve been working on a couple pieces, but you know when a blog post just isn’t right? I’m not sure if it’s my concentration (big event next week for work) or I’m in a slump, but recently my friend Wesley posted about her favorite Instagram accounts and I knew instantly I was going to steal the idea and I think a fun post like this was just what I needed to get creative juices flowing again!

So yeah, I love Instagram. I know I’m biased towards photography, but scrolling through amazing, funny, cute pictures everyday? Don’t mind if I do! I also admit to following an absurd amount of animal related accounts #weaknesses.


Here’s the thing, when it comes to huskies, I can barely contain myself. I love them and we’re going on 20 years that I’ve wanted one (looking at that makes me wish I exaggerated the number, but nope. I’ve wanted one nearly half my life). I think Mashable featured this account and pretty much every photo has me dead. I need them all.


I know. I didn’t ever see myself as one who would think TSA would be one of my favorite Insta accounts, but oh my it is! Why? Because they post pictures of things they find while people go through security at an airport. From loaded weapons to ninja stars, it’s astounding what people try to bring with them. You can’t help but laugh. They also feature TSA puppies!!!


My friend recently shared this one with me and I find it fascinating! It’s a collection of abandoned buildings around the world. The images are often haunting and the photography beautiful.




These are all videos, but he creates such creative and defying pieces in short clips. See one clip and you’ll get my meaning. P.S. The video in his link profile is the cutest thing ever.



Because it’s one of the best (I know, I mention it all the time, but I can’t help myself)


Are you in Instagram? What are some of your favorite accounts? (You can find me here!)


8 thoughts on “These Are a Few of my Favorite…, Instagram Accounts!

  1. courtney207 says:

    What an AWESOME idea for a blog post! I might have to steal your idea sometime, too! πŸ™‚

    I had no clue the TSA account could be so crazy fun. I’ll be adding them!

    Here’s a fun one since you’re obsessed with animals: @thiswildidea. It’s a photographer who travels and takes gorgeous pics of his dog everywhere he goes.

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