11 Things to Do Before Turning 34

Thanks to Timehop, I came across this post I did last year, “11 Things to Do Before Turning 33“.  I love reading these posts because it’s interesting (and sometimes funny) to look back and see what the past year has brought. So naturally I thought I’d do it again this year! I’m not sure why I chose 11 things or why I posted it in February, but sounds like a solid number and month, so I’m just going to roll with it.

But first, how did I do from last year (I realize this is more for me than you internet)? Here’s the quick recap.

1. See Charleston, SC. So my sister and I had our tickets and everything booked, but she got pregnant (and had to deal with the awful HG that some women get. My poor sis, it was a terrible few months!), so she wasn’t able to travel. I think I might go this year though. We’ll see.
2. Don’t fear my battle scars. I mean, I think I’ve done this ;)…yay for vague goals!
3. Attempt the Lapeyrolerie Cinnamon Roll Recipe. Yeah, I’m just going to add this to 2016 again.
4. Run the Austin 10/20 well. While my PR isn’t something to brag about, I still ran a PR in this race. It was fun too!
5. Take a day trip to Fredericksburg, TX. The bad news is I did not go. The good news is Fredericksburg is still there.
6. Try at least two new recipes a month. I know I didn’t keep this up all year, but I did expand and try new recipes. In fact, my friend hooked me up to try Blue Apron for free, so I have three recipes for me to cook this week and it requires me to chop up fresh green things.
7. See NEEDTOBREATHE in concert. You know this was done! They’re working on new music right now, so A) Can’t wait B) I hope they swing by Austin sometime this year so I can see them again.
8. Explore more places around Austin and shoot pictures just to shoot pictures. I had lots of friends visit last year, so I did get to explore. Come back friends! Come back!
9. Cut back on my soda intake. Y’all, I mentioned simply cutting back, because I could never give up soda completely. Well, I decided to try no soda back in August (you get older and you realize the health issues you inherited aren’t too far away) and I haven’t had any since (I had a punch at Christmas that had Gingerale and got the biggest headache ever!). So this one goes down as the most shocking from last year. And it was for something healthy – this never happens. So there’s a miracle for you.
10. Redesign this blog. I think this was the first thing I accomplished last year.
11. Maybe actually do something with the racing bike I have on my balcony. Yeah, so it’s still there in the exact same position (ha!), but I’m taking it this weekend to get it checked out and for real this time. I’m going on a cruise in April, so #motivation.


Alright, now for this year! I’ve stolen a couple from last year because I really want to get them done, so I’ll lead with those.

1. See Charleston, SC and England. I’m adding Europe because I miss it and my passport thinks we broke up (although this will be an all year goal, not just through July).

2. Attempt the Lapeyrolerie Cinnamon Roll Recipe. I’m going to look at my calendar and pick a day to do this. May might be the month.

3. Maybe actually do something with the racing bike I have on my balcony. Like I said, this is for real. I promise to even post a picture to Instagram this weekend. Thank you for keeping me accountable Internet.

4. I have a book idea I want to start. Well, I just admitted that to the world. SCARY. I’m not saying I need to finish it by 34, but I want to get started and get some good work done on it.

5. Record at least 3 more podcasts. It was almost six months in between episodes and I don’t want to do that again, so I’m committing to at least three more before July. (You can find the podcast here)

6. Build up my Shoppe. You know the feeling that you’re just making things up as you go along? Pretty much sums up my daily life, but especially when it comes to writing and the little Shoppe I opened. But I love it and want to keep at it. I want it to double in size by July, so that means stretching myself in lots of ways. (And feel free to share creative ideas, I’m all about collaboration!)

7. Memorize more Scripture. I don’t know if I’ll ever reach a point where I have devotionals every single morning. But I do know satan likes to attack when quiet times are not in full focus. Good news, when I have scripture in my heart and mind, I have a battle plan because when satan tries to attack, I’m equipped with God’s Word and promises. I’m working on something do-able, so if you have a plan that works, please share!

8. Write more letters to friends. Like the ones you mail. You know what brightens my day and encourages me all kinds of awesome? A random note from a friend in my mailbox. I’m going to start off with once a month.

9. Organize my bookshelves. Once upon a time I had my shelves legit organized. This is no longer the case and I’ve been putting this off because I get overwhelmed. Maybe I’ll just do a whole room redo.

10. Almost forgot about Fredericksburg! I don’t know why it’s so hard to pick a Saturday, call some friends and make a day trip of it. The weather has been perfect too – so really no excuse before July!

11. Be more generous. I can’t have a list without a vague one that doesn’t have measurable parameters right :)? This has been on my heart though, not only financially, but with my time and in other ways.

Now that I have my work cut out for me, I’ll be sure to keep you posted friends! What are some goals you have before your next birthday? I’d love to hear what you’re working on!


4 thoughts on “11 Things to Do Before Turning 34

  1. Ian says:

    You go, Jamie. Especially number 7 will change your life. Something I’ve done a lot more this past 6 months and I’m amazed what’s it done for me. Helps keep my mind on Jesus. As I walk the dog each morning I recite my scriptures.

  2. Kara says:

    So this cinnamon roll recipe must be difficult as well as amazing? 🙂 How goes the racing bike saga? I love to bike ride, but don’t have a bike available. I have one, but it’s at my parents somewhere in the barn and who knows what kind of condition its in…. So! No bike riding for me currently.

    Real letters to friends! I like that plan. Do internet friends count? 🙂

    Yes to memorizing more scripture. I need to work on that more myself. And my bookshelves are in desperate need of reorganizing! Hoping to get to that soon…ish.

  3. jamielynne82 says:

    Oh my gosh yes – the cinnamon rolls are life changing 🙂 haha! I hope I can come close!

    I’m loving the bike riding! I went for my first ride last weekend and it was so fun. Nice workout too – my quads weren’t sure what to make of it. haha!

    Ohh….what a great idea for internet friends! As long as people don’t think it’s way creepy if I ask for their address. 🙂 🙂 I love it!

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