Fun Finds to Change the World #2


It’s time for another edition of awesome and fun finds that help make a difference around the world. I have a couple ideas with this, so you might see a few changes with this, but hopefully they’ll be awesome 🙂

I thought I’d include the commentary about them and/or how they help. I really love the creative ways people are changing the world!

1. Mocha Club Water Bottle. Summer summa time is coming! I tend to lose water bottles, so I need a back up stash. Why not this one? $10.00

2. Mitscoots. They have socks, beanies, shirts, scarves and gloves and they are all awesome! With every pair of Mitscoots purchased, you’re helping the homeless and those in need get socks and work. $14.00

3. Leaf Pendant in Silver from Brilliant Earth. Well, not only does this remind me of Lord of the Rings, but I came across this company while researching diamonds (no not, for the reasons you might think – haha!). They are all about ethical ways of creating jewelry and giving back to communities that have been ravaged by the industry. There’s plenty of options (whether an engagement ring or a special gem necklace), it’s a great place to start. Here’s their mission:
At Brilliant Earth we strive to make jewelry as beautiful as it can be. We are passionate about cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry. $95.00

4. Bike Chain Wine Rack. How cool does this look? I love it!
In Moradabad, India, artisans transform ordinary bike chains into extraordinary pieces of art. The Noah’s Ark group works with more than 40 independently operating workshops and provides resources such as free education for children and water filtration services for artisans’ homes. Metalworking is a traditional skill of the village, having begun in the 16th century and developed over time to include such innovative metals as recycled pieces of bicycles. $49.00

Hope y’all are having a fabulous March!!


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