Little Letters | Edition #19


Dear Vinyl and my Record Player,
Umm…I love you! This is a new found joy and I cannot wait to grow my collection. Only select few will make vinyl status, but thanks for making the living area so much more awesome!

Dear SnapChat,
So I recently joined in because a favorite dog of mine got on your service. I’m not joking, I simply have an unhealthy obsession with puppies. Anyway, I’m still learning the tricks of the trade, but so far it’s been fun. The filter crack me up! (If you’re on it, I’m jamielynne1982, so give me a shout!)

Dear Whoever Did This,
Thank you! I want a copy of Tolkien or Lewis please. Thanks!


Dear Leon Bridges,
I need to stop and take a moment to say you’re a new favorite in music. Thanks to my job, I had the chance to go to your concert (I had no clue who you were beforehand) and my oh my….20 seconds into the first song, I was smitten. Soul. Talent. Motown flashback.

(I tried to include the embedded video, but fiesty pants HTML wouldn’t let me, so you can see a short clip here!)

Dear Essential Oils,
I’ve heard about you wayyyy too much, but my friend gave me some samples because of some headaches, so I’m giving you a shot. I’ll report back on the results. (Does anyone use these? What are you thoughts? Full disclosure, I’m going in sassy pants / negative nancy).

Dear Golf,
Somehow, some way (you can thank my Dad and friends), my interest in you continues to grow. Will I ever be able to play you well? That remains to be seen, but I admit, I don’t hate as I once did.

I’d love to hear from you friends! What’s going on in your world?


2 thoughts on “Little Letters | Edition #19

  1. Lydia (The Overweight Bookshelf) says:

    Oh my goodness, Leon Bridges has been my daily commute playlist for months. He’s like a contemporary Sam Cooke. Sooooo good.

    Essential oils are the best! I use a few different ones, but I recently discovered grapefruit oil is great for water retention in feet and legs!! Totally worked for me ( I didn’t cope well to the heat wave we had last week).

    I’m lusting over your record player. I’ve wanted one for so long. I need to make this happen.

    • jamielynne82 says:

      Yes! Sam Cooke is the prefect comparison. I can’t wait for him to come back to Austin!

      Good to know about the grapefruit oil. I didn’t realize all you could do with them – looking forward to trying out more!

      I totally understand about the record player! I was at a friend’s house and saw her’s and needed it immediately. She found it on amazon and it wasn’t that expensive! I love it and the records I have 🙂

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