Fun Finds #3


Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is doing fabulous! I mentioned last time I was going to switch up fun finds. Of course I want to include some that change the world, but I’m mixing things up, so you’ll find fun finds to change the world, some to help organize and some that are just way fun!

Hope you enjoy this updated and refreshed edition of Fun Finds!

1. Better Together Note Pouch. I might be riding solo in this, but organizing things revives my soul :). I like to organize my organizing cabinets. So this little pouch looks perfect on a day I’m out running errands or doing some work out of the house. Don’t have to bring everything, but can bring a lot.

2. The Compass Journey Ring. I have always loved the idea behind compass style jewelry and this is one of the cutest I’ve seen recently. Etsy for the win once again!

3. Storywear RED with Africa Charm. I loveeee these charms. I think the design is beautiful and could go with lots of the colors I wear and it supports Exile International, an organization I think is pretty amazing. Plus things like redemption, grace and believing…these are all things I’m a fan of.

4. In A Pikle. I got my sister one of these after her first baby! You can carry it in your car, your purse, when ever you’re on the move. I think it helps to have all those little things in one spot; whether that’s a band aid, hand sanitizer or even small scissors. I think this goes back to my spiritual gift of organization :), but I think it makes for a great gift.

What are some of your recent Fun Finds? I could do a whole one on Target since I just did some shopping for an upcoming cruise, but figured I’d switch things up!


4 thoughts on “Fun Finds #3

  1. courtney207 says:

    The ring is adorable!!! (but I think your link to Etsy is not quite right) What a fun group of items — great for gifts.

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