Little Letters | Edition #20


Dear Succulents,
I now have one your of people on my desk and it makes such a difference! I love it. Just look at how pretty you are?

Dear Ian,
AUNTIE LOVES YOU FOREVER AND EVER. I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow!

Dear Mexico,
I always love visiting you.

Dear El Castillo and Mayans,
I plan on putting together some more pictures and thoughts together of our adventures, but suffice to say you were fascinating and I loved every minute (even if I was melting). Your sun is toasty!

Dear Mexican Food,
Since we’re on a theme de Mexico, I just need to say how much I love you. I had you for lunch yesterday and it made for one of the best days of food.

Dear Co-workers,
Thanks for being awesome. You make the 8-5 hilarious and fun.

Dear Southwest,
Why is it that I’m still in B when I checked in exactly 24 hours before my flight? Playing games with my heart…but I’ll forgive you because I can check two bags for zero dollas!

So how is May treating y’all?


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