Little Letters | Edition #21


Dear Jamie Ivey Podcast Happy Hour,
I love story, so thank you for being all about that by bringing on awesome women to share about life. I’ve laughed and I’ve cried (which is great when I’m trying to do makeup in the morning!) and I’ve been constantly encouraged.

If y’all are interested, you can find it here!

Dear Bethel,
Thank you for creating songs that continue to draw me closer to the heart of Jesus! Like No Longer Slaves? It’s on repeat.

Dear Humidity,
So you decided to make an appearance in Spring huh? That’s cute. You realize you’re barely around in summer right? So as flattering as it is, I’m going to ask that you leave. Can we talk about what you’re doing to my hair?? I can only get so creative with the Bobby pins buddy. Oh and thank you for melting off my make up by 9:00 a.m.

Dear Red Heels,
Sometimes a girl just needs to toss you on, so thanks for being there.

Dear NBA playoffs,
Haven’t you been fun? Since my boys are out (shocker there), it’s been a ton of fun watching Steph Curry and crew (of course I still rep West Coast!). I’d love to see another 7 game series, but MY NERVES during sports, so maybe a 5 game series instead, where the Warriors win? Cool, thanks!

What’s going on in your neck of the words? Hope the start of June is going great!


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