Fun Finds For Every Day #5


HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!!! I guess we’re technically 10 days away from it being officially summer, but I love this season (and I promise it’s not because my birthday is next month :). I love sunshine and love thinking of all the fun memories from summers past. The adulting thing is a little harsh, in not giving us three months off after we grow up expecting such things, but whatevs life, whatevs.

Do any of y’all have fun vacations coming up this summer? I have some fun things planned for August and I plan on turning another year older in July, so whoop!

How’s that for an introduction for some fun finds? 🙂

1. Miir Vacuum Insulated Bottle. A) This keeps your beverages cold or hot. B) Buying this supports the amazing work of Exile International and C) Miir is also an awesome company, where they support various organizations with each purchase (like clean water). Each bottle also comes with a code, so you can track the exact project your purchase helps!

2. Bind My Wandering Heart to Thee Print. How beautiful is this print?!! This is one of my favorite hymns and I need this. This whole Etsy shop is full of beautiful prints and cards – so many gift ideas!

3. Calligraphy Set. I like to pretend that if I took up calligraphy it would turn out as pretty as so many talented folks, but I think it would take quite a bit of training :). I’d be willing to try though and this fun set might just be what I need to try!

4. Diana F+ Instant Camera in Nightfall. I love my Digital Camera, don’t get me wrong, but I love playing with film (whether that be film or instant film) and new types of gadget-ish camera make me smile! This one looks like it would be fun to explore with.

Those are some recent fun things I’ve come across! What’s happening in your world?


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