Aslan is on The Move….And I’m Half Terrified/Excited/Can’t Wait!

“When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.” Isaiah 60:2

I quoted this verse in a post I wrote recently about being a hot mess. I talked about trying to figure out if I was doing life right. Questions like “Am I pursuing what I should be or do I need to let go of that dream?” You know, simple questions.

(Side note, I do believe there are dreams we have that are never meant to be realized and instead its the journey we needed. Like, I was supposed to marry Keanu Reeves. But y’all, I finally let that one go because I accepted this would never come to pass. But don’t worry I can quote Speed like a boss. #TheJourney).

That weekend I also decided to apply to more publishing jobs (true story, about every quarter for the past couple years I would do this. We’re talking ALL THE JOBS in ALL THE CITIES, except really cold states because no) with the thought process of “well, let’s just keep trying.”

You can imagine my excitement when I had a phone interview that very next week and then an in person interview the following week and then a job offer. Y’all WHAT? Was this my life?

And y’all, it was and now is. I am moving from the great state of Texas to the insanely gorgeous state of Colorado to take a position with Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing.



My job will now involve books. All the time!

Yes I am soooooooo excited, but totally terrified too.

Moving from Texas is different than when I moved from California in so many ways. Leaving California was hard, but I knew I’d always visit. In the 8 years I’ve been in Texas, I’ve created my Texas family. When I think about leaving them, I start crying. #RealTalk. I don’t know when I’ll be able to visit, when they’ll be able to visit (although COLORADO MOUNTAINS FOR THE WIN!), so it’s different leaving. (Plus the food internet. THE FOOD).

Going on an adventure is exciting, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Does that stop me or shut down my excitement? Not at all, because I have seen God’s hand in so many ways through this whole process, He really is just showing off at this point. I LOVE IT.

Being brave and courageous isn’t the absence of fear, but as many have said, it’s the willingness to fight that fear head on. It wouldn’t be courageous if there wasn’t something a bit scary about it.

And so begins the new adventure and new chapter in my life!! #PrayForMeDuringWinter

I can’t wait to share more, the pictures and the all around awesomeness as I explore my new city. Aslan is definitely on the move y’all!

P.S. I’m having a huge inventory/clearing out sale for The Shoppe if you’ve been eyeing an item or two! You can find out the details here!


35 thoughts on “Aslan is on The Move….And I’m Half Terrified/Excited/Can’t Wait!

  1. Laurie Tomlinson says:

    So excited for you! If I were in a position to move, I would have applied for that amazing job, too! Colorado Springs is my favorite city. You’re going to love it there, and the writing community there is strong, too ❤ Congrats! SO happy for you!

  2. bbrown226 says:

    So happy for you, Jamie! How wonderful that you’re going to a well-known, well-respected and BIG Christian publishing company! You will be the sparkler among the staff! And in a beautiful area of the country. Be sure to stay in touch! May God bless you as you follow His lead!

  3. wesley hoffmann says:


    I’m soooooooooooooo so so excited for you! Way to continue to pursue your dream and be open to taking you to new places.

    Aslan will move with you (and so will Max I’m sure…come to think of it they’re probably about the same size). Don’t you love when it’s so obvious to see God’s hand moving in things? I’ve had that happen too and it’s so heartening.

    • Jamie @ She Laughs With Dignity says:

      Eeeeeeee!!! Right?! So much awesomeness and yes, I’m so excited to go where the Lord is leading, even when it seems so crazy! I’m so amazed (even though I shouldn’t be surprised anymore with how good God is!) at each step being taken care of.

      And haha! Yes, moving Max will be an adventure. I’m probably going to need to get him some calming cat medicine – 🙂

  4. Ian says:

    Jamie … oh, wowww! So so excited for you, girl! How marvellous. Love to know what the new role is (all in good time) and Colorado Springs will be beautiful. It’s a higher altitude?

    Be praying for you as you pack up home and for all the ‘stuff’ of relocating like finding place to live, new friends, church, and so on.

    Take care and keep leaning into Jesus.


    • Jamie @ She Laughs With Dignity says:

      Thanks Ian! I’m so ready for this too! The position is with their marketing team, so I’ll work with authors on their new releases. It’s going to be so much fun!

      Colorado Springs is higher altitude – I’m not sure the exact numbers, but will be a change from good ol Texas. Can’t wait! And thank you so much for praying – I know the Lord will continue to take care of every step 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    Congratulations – this is so, so exciting, Jamie! I’m so proud of you and your perseverance, and I’ll be praying for you as you make this transition! ❤

  6. jolinapetersheim says:

    I am thrilled for you, Jamie! Thank you for setting such an example for us by pursuing your dreams. I will also #prayforyouduringwinter! 😉

  7. Karen Collier says:

    Congratulations Jamie! I’m so happy for you, finding such a great bookish job! 🙂 No doubt the authors are gonna love working with you in your new marketing role. Praying the transition will go smoothly for you.

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