Little Letters | Edition #22


Hey everyone!! So my break went from one month to three because life rolls that way sometimes. Not only was moving exactly what you would think moving states is like, life in Colorado has taken off and hasn’t stopped. Work is amazing and keeps me busy and I’ve been traveling quite a bit. This will month will be the first time I’ll be home two weeks in a row – I love traveling, but this much right after moving made for overwhelming weeks, but by the Lord’s strength I’m still standing :). Anyway, I’m excited to be around on the weekends and explore more and more of the city! So with that, let’s dive into Little Letters, I-live-in-Colorado-now, edition.

Dear Mountains of Colorado,
You are insanely gorgeous and I will never ever tire of seeing you every morning on my way to work.

Dear this video,
Well done. #FreeHugs

Dear Del Taco,
WE’RE TOGETHER AGAIN!!! I refuse to admit how many times I’ve eaten you since I’ve moved here. But you right on the way home, so…..not my fault. But if you noticed a spike in your sales in The Springs…you’re welcome.

Dear Waterbrook Multnomah,
It’s a dream working for you and with y’all…I’ve never understood when people looked forward to work, but now I do. Mondays are happy days now.

Dear Denver Airport,
I admit you aren’t my Austin airport, but you have a lot more food options, so thanks! But real quick, can we also talk about your artwork?

Dear Fake Text Between Tollers and Jack,
You are the best.

Dear Narcos,
Well, I’m done with Season 2 and what an intense season. I eagerly await Season 3!

Dear Stranger Things,

Dear Coming Winter,
Be nice kay? It’s my first actual winter.

How are y’all doing? What’s going on in your lives?!


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