Fun Finds for Every Day #6


How’s October treating y’all? Colorado continues to surprise me with fun places to explore and beautiful scenes at every turn. And finding fun finds? It’s the best! I hope y’all enjoy some I’ve come across!

1. Junk Gypsy Boots. I lived years in Texas, but never bought a pair of cowboy books. I’m determined to finally buy a pair here in CO. It’s cooler a lot more often here, so many more opportunities to wear them! Because boots in September in Texas? Nope.

2. Birds Don’t Worry, They Sing Art Print. I love how this looks and the reminder. Isn’t it so beautiful?

3. The Watch – Zebra Wood & Red Band. I’m not a big watch wearer, but I love how this one looks and the mission behind the organization. One more easy way to change the world. By purchasing a YouWood watch you will be helping provide a home, medical care, food and love for someone in need. We believe with every purchase, You become a part of someone else’s story, someone’s freedom, someone’s life! When no one else would…We knew YouWood!

4. World Map Art Print. This makes me want to travel! The simplicity and design is so well done! A great piece for an office.

Any fun gift ideas you’ve come across this week?


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