Fun Finds for Everyday #7


You guys. Thanksgiving is almost here. WHAT IN THE WORLD OF PUPPIES AND KITTENS HAPPENED TO 2016? In all honesty, I’m 100% ready for it to be over. I think this week nearly did me in for reasons all over the spectrum of politics. I’m going to take a moment to thank the Lord that it is done. Looking for fun finds did help. I almost bought like all of them, but held off. I mean, Christmas is coming right?

1. Noel Long Sleeve Tee. YOU GUYS. IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!! I promise to give Thanksgiving full respect, but come the day after Thanksgiving (sometimes even after turkey dinner), y’all, it is full time Christmas!!

2. God Is Preparing You Planner. I felt like I’ve talked about this before, but I went back through my posts and didn’t see it. So I might be losing it and that’s a bowl full of radness. Anyway, I bought this planner and I’m kind of obsessed with it. It keeps me on track with things I have to do at work and at home. If you a planner person, check it out!

3. Live Free Cuff. How pretty are these? And what makes these even better is $6.00 from each sale goes straight to the work of A21 (fights against human trafficking and slavery). Perfect for a gift and for yourself.

4. She Smiles cuff. Need. That is all.

What’s on your Christmas list?


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