First Post of 2017!


Y’all may have noticed, but since July, my blogging schedule (or lack thereof) has been, how shall we say, a hot mess. I was always behind, always rushing (and in some ways I think I missed out on really enjoying some books).

I even looked at my monthly goals and November and December’s top goal? SURVIVE written in all caps and underlined.

Was this going to be my life? Sweet Jesus I hoped not. So I took some time to think, pray and plan for 2017. I realized I needed to change because the road I was on was leading to non stop overwhelming and burnout. I’m not one who sees busyness as badge of honor so I knew I needed to make changes. Here’s some thoughts I worked through:

  • My new job – I love love love! It is definitely more involved though.
  • I could keep up the blogging schedule, but it drained me.
  • What did I want to focus on in my life? (Surprise to myself, one was working out. Running had always helped me think, relieve stress and stay healthy, but two things happened. My knee really started struggling with running (there went my Olympic running career πŸ˜‚ ) and I moved to Colorado where running outside in CO was a big fat no most of the year and because #8Degrees)
  • The podcast was running at once a year, but it was something I really wanted to do more
  • I still love writing both blogs
  • There’s topics I want to write on, dive into, get into the mess with and it made me sad that I had zero energy or creativity left by the end of the week.

So through that several week process, here’s what I’m looking at for 2017:

  • Podcast! I have a big goal of 6 episodes this year.
  • Work on some advertising opportunities – there’s so many great sites out there that I’d love to share with my readers.
  • A new schedule for Books and Beverages at twice a week. Occasionally I’ll have more (like this week), but my commitment is twice a week.
  • She Laughs will be much better and actually have one post a week πŸ™‚

I’m excited for what this new year will hold and praying for the Lord to continue to do big things! So Happy New Year everyone! I’d love to hear about your New Year and things you are looking forward to in 2017!


6 thoughts on “First Post of 2017!

  1. David Wiley says:

    Happy New Year, Jamie! I think, of all these, I love the plan for 6 podcast episodes the most! I’m glad you are taking a step back to save your sanity and preserve time for you. It is important!!

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