Some Pick a Word, I Pick a Phrase

Are y’all into the “Word for the Year” trend? I truly enjoy hearing what word people choose and why, but as for myself? My first thought is how I can’t handle the pressure of picking one word for the year and second? Having to remember it the whole year kinda stresses me out too. Totally ridiculous, I admit. But nonetheless, welcome to my brain. But apparently I’ve become all about phrases.

Last year, while it was nothing official, “Aslan is on the Move” became my phrase for 2016. In January, I kept thinking of it and remember telling my community group how I felt that “God was going to move this year, you know, Aslan is on the Move!” I had quite a different idea of how that might have turned out, but as He often does, God totally blew my expectations and dreams out of the water with the move to Colorado (among many other awesome/hard/stretching things).


I wasn’t planning on picking any words or phrases for 2017, but then one of my favorite phrases and quotes kept popping up in different ways, so I went all in.

So for 2017, here’s my phrase.

“Courage, Dear Heart”

I promise I didn’t pick another Narnia quote on purpose. Although, I’m not shocked it turned out that way.

Not only for courage in my career and my writing (I made quite a few changes in my blogging schedule, newsletter, etc), but also for the great unknown. I know God is moving (thus why “Aslan is on the move” has officially become my life motto 🙂 ), but more than knowledge, I want to have the courage to trust that with all my heart.

I want to have courage to not be overwhelmed by what’s happening around me, but bravely step out and reach out to those in need, speak out against injustice and love like Jesus does. And like Jesus often does, a few days after I decided this, I came across this verse:

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10


What’s your word of the year?


7 thoughts on “Some Pick a Word, I Pick a Phrase

  1. kathyscottage says:

    2016 was the first year I chose a word. The word was ~ beauty. I love the word beauty and everything God revealed to me during 2016. I haven’t decided on a word for 2017. I have so many words going through my brain, it’s been challenging to choose, but I might choose simplicity. 🙂

    • Jamie @ She Laughs With Dignity says:

      I love both of those! I’m often reminded about seeing beauty in all things – especially when hard things are happening around me. It helps me to remember that God is still at work and we always have hope.

      Also, amen to simplicity! Something I know I need for 2017!

  2. nickimags says:

    I’ve chosen LOVE as my word for this year. It’s the first time I’ve chosen a word to focus on rather than a list of things to try out. I chose LOVE because I want to be my loving to myself and others all around me, near and far.

  3. Ian says:

    Jamie, Isaiah 41:10 has been a go to verse for me for years especially when anxiety levels escalate. My word for 2017 is ‘linger’ – more soaking in His presence, allowing the Creator of the world to share more of His heart with me.

    Fabulous how last year’s phrase turned out for you. May you experience the same this year, my friend.

  4. Meghan M. Gorecki says:

    This is such an encouragement Jamie. And majorly lifts my heart.
    My words/phrase for the year are three things that fit and are active in harmony together:
    Breathe. Renew. Beauty.
    And that last one begins a new life motto because real life has, is reflecting it over and over again:
    Beauty from ashes.

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