Fun Finds for Everyday #8


I’m just going to go ahead and say I’m winning at New Year’s “goals” because this the the third week in a row I have a post up. Compared to the last few months, I feel like I should give myself a gold medal. Ha! Anyway, as always, I love “shopping” for fun finds, so hopefully one of these catches your eye!

1. Sisterhood Soap. I heard of Preemptive Love a few months back through some avenue of the internet and last month heard from the founder on The New Activist podcast. Then when everything happened in Aleppo last month, I learned even more about them and I have grown to love the work they do. These soaps are made by women who fled from ISIS and now have a chance at a new life.

2. Monopoly Travel Messenger Bag. Y’all, it’s hard for me to resist a travel bag. I cannot tell you why, but I love having all the options for bags. This one looks perfect for travels.

3. Compass Journey Ring. How cute is this ring? I love everything about. Simple, yet meaningful.

4. Corn Kerneler. Is this the most random thing I have ever featured on Fun Finds? Absolutely. But how nice would this be when eating corn?

How’s your year kicking off? Did you buy anything fun with your Christmas money?


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