Little Letters | Edition #23


Dear Blacklist,
Well, you just went ahead and ruined my productivity. I was only supposed to watch an episode or two one day after work when my brain was spent. But what happened? I couldn’t stop watching because I NEED ANSWERS!! And quit adding more questions kay? #NeedSeason4

Dear Joshua Project – Unreached App,
What a great find you are from the app world! Bringing people groups to pray for is never a bad thing.

Dear Former San Diego Chargers,
Can we talk about your move? I admit my feelings are completely neutral (I only care when you’re playing my boys), but why? And the logo, for real?

Dear Death,
I went straight for it, in the mix of a light hearted post. But let me tell you something, you may break our hearts here on earth, but you don’t win.

(I would love your prayers for friends back in California. Heidi fought a courageous battle against cancer and is now free from it and with Jesus. Please be praying for her husband, young daughters and family. Thank you!)

Dear America,
What in the world?

Dear Internet,
You have made me cry in sadness and frustration many times these past few weeks, but you have also given me hope. There’s good in this world, and…it’s worth fighting for.

Dear Refugees,
Please know there are many fighting for you and I love you with all my heart. I won’t remain silent. (If you are looking for organizations to partner with, here’s an excellent list from Jennie Allen)

It’s been a strange and weary start to 2017, so please feel free to share what’s happening in your life – the hard, the funny, the lighthearted!


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