Fun Finds For Everyday #9


So this may be soooo last weekend, but did y’all catch that Superbowl?? I admit, I didn’t watch most of it (I know! I know! But since my two least favorite teams in the entirety of the NFL played each other, there was no happy outcome for me. I’m a Saints fan, so I can never support our biggest rival and the Patriots? No thanks). BUT DANG. No matter how much I dislike the Pats, that was a comeback and gotta give respect to Brady and crew. On that note, let’s share some things that do make me happy!

1. Be The Good T-shirt. I love the message and the simple creativity. I need to remind myself of this a lot these days.

2. Music Sheet Art. I need this. It’s creative, beautifully done and such a reminder. I actually have no idea if the artist is selling these, but oh, would this be beautiful on my mantel.

3. Our Sister, Our Daughter Print. Apparently I’ve made this the art edition of fund finds, but isn’t his beautiful? Plus proceeds help Preemptive Love. Let’s continue to celebrate the beauty in people.

4. Instax Wide 300 Instant Camera. Blame nostalgia, but ever since instant cameras started making a comeback, I’ve wanted one. I have no idea what I would do with it, but it would be awesome having one. So if someone gets me one, I won’t be sad. Also, my birthday is in July.

Any fun finds in your world?


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