Little Letters | Edition #24


Dear Break Every Chain:
First off, I be crying every time I hear you! Any one with me? But it’s ministered to my heart in deep ways recently and I’m thankful for the Truth of the song. There is power in the name of Jesus!

Dear Remember The Titans,
I will never not love you. I watched you again this weekend and still laugh, still cry and you remain one of my favorites.

Dear Funfetti Cake,
Your calories don’t count right?

Dear Tampa,
Can we talk about the amount of humidity you have during winter? Why do you hate curly hair so much?!

Dear Blog,
I promise I didn’t skip the last two weeks on purpose. Some blog posts are hard to post (and write). People are feisty and a lot of topics have brought so much division inside the church, I’ve not only been shocked, but I’ve been grieved. I hope to post this soon though! There’s is power in God’s Word and that is what I’m turning to.

Dear Bill Paxton,
It’s always sad to hear of actors passing away. Especially when so young. You will be missed. I loved so many of your movies (Tombstone, Twister, Apollo 13, etc) and thank you for bringing your talent to make people laugh, sigh at a romantic scene in a movie about tornadoes, and remember the beauty of the human spirit.

Dear Academy Awards,
Speaking of great actors, DENZEL SHOULD HAVE WON. I’m still mad.


6 thoughts on “Little Letters | Edition #24

  1. hamlettethedame says:

    I’m pretty grrrrrr over Denzel myself. Speaking of whom, I can never think of Remember the Titans without remembering the first time I watched it, in the first apartment we had after we got married. Good memories.

    (Me and Cowboy, not me and Denzel. I’m not married to Denzel Washington. Thought I should clarify that. Though… one of my best friends in high school, her parents’ coworker’s neighbor was Denzel’s sister-in-law. So that’s only what, five degrees of separation?)

    I was really shocked and saddened over Bill Paxton dying. He’s a favorite of my bff, and I’ve been mourning with her.

    • Jamie @ She Laughs With Dignity says:

      Haha – love it! If that was my connection, I’d be telling everyone we’re best friends. Kidding, but only kind of ;). He walked past me one time when I was at a Laker game and my only reaction was to scream. Good thing it was loud in the arena.

      It’s always hard to lose an actor and suddenly. While I may not have known them personal, their work made an impact on my life. 😦

      • hamlettethedame says:

        Hee! Yeah, especially when I was in high school, that made me feel pretty spectacular. His wife was from Hickory, NC, which is where my friend lived, and they’d go to church at one of the big Baptist churches there when they visited family in the area. Almost made my friend, who was Jewish, consider converting! She had a huge thing for him for a while.

        I like how you put that — that when an actor’s work has impacted your life, it makes losing them hard. That is exactly it. I still mourn Heath Ledger, and that’s been years and years.

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