Fun Finds For Everyday #10


Happy March friends! Are y’all getting ready for Spring? I’m not sure what to think quite yet (expect I’m already angry at being robbed of an hour of sleep on Sunday :), but I’m ready for my first CO Spring, even if it will include much more feet of snow. #JesusHearMyPrayer

1. The Cord Taco. I think I’m going to order these soon. My headphones manage to go from organized to utter chaos as soon as I zip my purse pocket. It can be annoying spending time on the cardio machine trying to untangle the hot mess. Just give me my jams you know?

2. Record Player. I got a record player a couple of years ago and I love it. I have a few records and if I’m cooking or cleaning, I have my favorites playing. They actually are reasonable priced on Amazon and other places, but if you feel like bumping it up in design and style, Urban Outfitters always has some to choose from.

3. Thistle Farms Body Butter.
Winter in CO has taught me about dry skin on a whole new level. That’s been one of the hardest adjustments because my skin likes to go back to being 15 with any slight change. I think I’ve figured out the face lotion now, but I’m always on the book out for body lotion too! Plus buying this helps Thistle Farms. (Thistle Farms is a sanctuary for healing for women survivors of abuse, addiction, trafficking and prostitution)

4. Magic Wand Remote Control. Um. I’ll take two.

What’s something you’ve treated yourself to recently?


8 thoughts on “Fun Finds For Everyday #10

  1. Judy says:

    I looked up more information on Thistle Farms. I’ve been looking for a better body butter, and theirs sounds like what I’m looking for, on a number of levels.

    My friend introduced me to Penceys Spices, and I found some lavender for cooking. At last.

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