Little Letters | Edition #25

Dear Chuy’s,
YOU’RE COMING TO COLORADO. You will never know how happy you made this blogger. Hurry up June.

Dear Community Library in Bogata,
You win. This gave my heart such joy!

Dear Professor Robert E Kelly,
You still win best viral video of all time. Your family is adorable and thank you for giving us a laugh we really needed.   Also, this gif.

Dear Spring in Colorado,
Well aren’t you a little different than what I’m used to?! At least you’re pretty.

Hello buried car!

Dear Big Band music,
I never get tired of you. Getting to hear all your hits at a recent concert reminded me of that….and growing up listening to it.

Dear Maximus,
I haven’t mentioned you in awhile, but thanks for being such a sweet (and kinda hot mess) of a cat.

Hope April and Spring are going well for you! What’s going on in your life?


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