Fun Finds For Everyday #11

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have had a lovely week and that it continues on through Easter Sunday! Whatever you have planned, may the time with your family this weekend be full of laughter, joy and peace. I wasn’t raised in the church, but Easter Sundays still hold such sweet memories of family and fun. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Today is also a great day for some spring Fun Finds. Any catch your eye?

1. Hello Eco Stationery Set. I love getting letters and I love sending them (although I’ve been a slacker on that recently). How cute are these? Perfect for a quick note to send to family or friends!

2. Love Letter Garland. I’ve talked about Amani before, but as a reminder, I LOVE THEM. I love that they are constantly coming up with new and creative gifts. Isn’t this the cutest? I’ve fully jumped on board with letter garland of all types, so I might need to be adding this to the list. Plus you’re helping change the lives of women in Africa.

3. InstantFlex TL70 Instant Camera. I need to thank you guys for letting me use this as a way to be all dreamy about every camera out there. I may not do photography professionally anymore, but man, do I love playing with cameras!

4. Samuel Handwritten Address Stamp. Sticking with the letter theme, you can get your own handmade address stamp! So fun!! Plus if you need to get someone a fun housewarming gift? This is a great idea!

That’s what I got for now. Happy Easter everyone, may you have a blessed and encouraging weekend remembering the greatest gift.


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