Hi! Right now I’m in a lists kinda mood, so here’s a list.

    1. Talk about pressure! How do I start this list? Something funny? Something serious?? Something deep and profound? How about I just talk about how nervous it makes me?
    2. I didn’t know how much I could love and adore another human being until my nieces and nephew entered this world. Yes, they are the cutest girls and boy in the universe. FullSizeRender (1)13124635_10154155783793766_1253897181302256406_n
    3. I’ve been asked if the youngest is my daughter. 🙂


      B | Auntie

    4. I talk with my hands. A lot.
    5. I live in Texas Colorado, which is a short 1,300 1,072 miles from the rest of my fam. I love where I’m at, but wish they were closer.

      The brother and sister :)

      The brother and sister 🙂

    6. I write another blog I love. It’s called Books and Beverages and if you like either of those, please come over and stay awhile!
    7. In a past life I was a wedding photographer, but I focus on fine art and travel photography these days.
    8. I have a cat. I have no shame in how much I love said fat cat. 306282_10150734153033766_1114449749_n
    9. I really want a dog too. A husky in fact.
    10. As you might have noticed from the picture, I’m a Lakers fan. I also love the Saints and FC Barcelona. Only one of those three teams is actually doing good right now though, so it’s been painful.
    11. I heart Jesus a whole lot.
    12. I follow an absurd amount of animal Instagram accounts and I ain’t even mad about it. It’s safe to say about 65% of them are huskies accounts.
    13. I work for Penguin Random House and it is the best job ever. I’m still shocked I get to work with books for a living.
    14. I’m a wannabe InklingInklings_Sketch(A)
    15. I hate scary things, but have a minor obsession with a show about zombies. 
    16. I love to travel and do any chance I get.
    17. I’m an introvert (but with people I know, not at all) and if I’m by myself with lots of new people, I’m quiet as a mouse because STRANGER DANGER IS REAL INTERNET.
    18. I might be one of the few souls who has never stopped loving Twinkies. I don’t care what they are made of.
    19. I cry watching cartoons. Thanks Pixar and Disney!
    20. My parents inspire me. While my plans to get them to move to Texas failed before they even started, I try and get them to visit their youngest child as often as possible. While Austin had food to bribe them with, Colorado bribes them with gorgeous views!img_0151

Oh and my blog title? A play on Proverbs 31:25: “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”

If you want to shoot me an email, you can find me at shelaughswithdignity (at) gmail.com. I love suggestions, comments and ideas!

Here’s a few popular posts to start with:


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